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The Spirit of Bentley: Be Extraordinary Book

Since it was founded in 1919, Bentley has epitomised craftsmanship, innovation and excellence. It represents aspiration and achievement. It embodies a sense of adventure and a desire to see and champion the world in all its glory. Such values and passions are not only part of the spirit of Bentley, but also of its extraordinary customers.

We are proud to announce that a new book celebrating our extraordinary owners is being produced by luxury publisher Assouline. ‘The Spirit Of Bentley - Be Extraordinary’ examines just what defines the Bentley spirit and those who share it through a grand tour of Britain.

Extraordinary people who relish life’s challenges are in many ways responsible for shaping the brand that Bentley has become, just as the designers, engineers and craftspeople at the headquarters in Crewe are responsible for shaping Bentley cars.

‘The Spirit of Bentley’ is a limited edition coffee-table book which captures these extraordinary people and takes the theme of journeys to explore them in the context of contemporary Britain.

It is available now via the Bentley Collection or your local Bentley Dealer.  

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Bound to be beautiful

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Brought to life by Maison Assouline

‘The Spirit of Bentley’ has been brought to life by Maison Assouline, the celebrated imprint which has created some of the world’s most highly admired books on art, fashion and culture, and is famous for their curatorial sensitivity and high quality materials. An Assouline book is by nature beautiful – but also highly readable – making their editions notoriously sought after by the world’s literary collectors. Assouline books grace the worlds’ most elegant homes – and now our Bentley customers are gracing the pages of this Assouline publication.

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A Stunning Creation

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The creative team

The creation of ‘Spirit of Bentley’ took author Count Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli - winemaker, lecturer and raconteur - from the grandest avenues of London to the furthest corners of the British Isles. To capture their beauty, Maison Assouline enlisted the assistance of three renowned photographers. Parisian photographer Aline Coquelle contributes to international publications as she travels through Latin America, Asia and Africa, working only with silver film to keep alive the magic of traditional photography. Laziz Hamani works on location as well as using his highly developed studio techniques to create more than 30 art and luxury books, including more than 20 Assouline titles. Harald Gottshalk has worked with Robert Doisneu and had more than 60 solo and collective exhibitions in France and abroad.

The result of this creative grand tour is, we think, both impressive and genuine – landscapes, cars and their owners captured in moments that are equally candid and spectacular, moments that epitomise the Spirit of Bentley.

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Beyond Measure

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Fascinating lives

This book features Bentley owners who are entrepreneurs, designers, musicians, philanthropists and more: like our cars, they are beyond classification. In the pages of ‘The Spirit of Bentley’ you will find George Bamford, personaliser of bespoke watches; Alice Temperley, British fashion designer; composer, drummer and car collector Nick Mason; Savile Row master of bespoke suit making Harold Tillman; bespoke furniture craftsman David Linley and many more. Their stories – like their lives – are fascinating, and it is our great honour to present them – and their spirit - to you in the Spirit of Bentley.

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The Spirit of Bentley

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Smith, Meyrick and Kane hugging in celebration of their 2nd place win | Bentley Motors

Men and women of great spirit

Bentley’s own history is full of men and women of great spirit – from our creator’s beginnings and the original Bentley Boys and Girls to our designers and craftsmen and women today. A brilliant aeronautical engineer, W.O. Bentley discovered the right answers by intuitively asking the right questions. Soon his D.F.P was winning races and setting records. Driving W.O. to ever- greater innovation, the Bentley Boys pushed the marque forward. Wealthy daredevils to a man, this seminal group of owner- drivers lived as fast as they drove. The Bentley Boys and Bentley Girls put the roar into the Roaring Twenties, sealing their reputations during glittering gatherings at Le Mans.

Dr Andreas Offermann, Member of the Board for Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, Bentley Motors, believes: “This book develops themes that have always defined and continue to define Bentley owners. From family, friendship, and entrepreneurship to craftsmanship, conservation, and competition — these are values we all share and live by.

“From the grandest of gestures to the smallest of details, our winged ‘B’ badge represents more than just the world’s most finely crafted cars. It is an approach to living: a blueprint for every experience our hurried lives can offer. And its message is as challenging as it is reassuring: springboard off yesterday, race today, and, above all, chase tomorrow.”

Assouline have encapsulated this: the vision, curiousity, and joie de vivire of our remarkable customers and Bentley, in ‘The Spirit of Bentley: Be Extraordinary’. Click here to buy in the Bentley Collection or enquire at your local Bentley Dealer

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