Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Range

With an extended wheelbase that boosts rear legroom significantly, the Bentayga EWB sets new standards in SUV comfort. Powered by a 4.0 litre V8 engine, this stunning example of a Bentley long wheelbase vehicle combines beautiful proportions with head-turning road presence.


The Bentayga EWB offers an interior environment unlike any other SUV. Far more than just a luxury car, this extended wheelbase SUV is a showcase of advanced, wellbeing-enhancing technology. Every interaction with the cabin is enhanced, from seats that can proactively monitor and improve the comfort of their occupants to stunning lighting that combines the best of Bentley’s craftsmanship and innovation.

There is more to the Bentayga EWB, however, than a sublime passenger experience. Drivers can expect the effortless power that typifies every Bentley, underpinned by the latest chassis technology and digital connectivity.

There are four models available, offering increasing levels of luxury. The unparalleled Bentayga EWB Mulliner heads up the range, offering the pinnacle of SUV craftsmanship. The exquisite Azure places particular emphasis on wellbeing features and technology, while the A model offers excellent comfort and craftsmanship, the Bentayga EWB is the quintessential luxury EWB.  

For a more performance-focused and thrilling experience, the Bentayga standard wheelbase range includes the boldly designed Bentayga S.


Style on a Different Scale

On seeing the Bentayga EWB for the first time, expect to be struck by its sheer presence. A fusion of elegant detail and supremely sculpted lines, its 180mm wheelbase extension complements the car’s proportions perfectly. One glance at the gleaming front grille – vertical vanes on the A and Azure models and a diamond-in-diamond matrix on the Mulliner model – will be enough.

The interior takes cabin design to the next level. After encountering the illuminated treadplates – designed to welcome you with a flourish on your way into the car – you enter a handcrafted cabin without equal. The 4+1 seating configuration combines two independent rear seats, similar in features to those in the front, with the facility to seat three passengers comfortably in the rear when required.

Other optional configurations allow for four or five occupants, with the four-seat specification featuring a centre console in the front and the rear.
Choose the optional Airline Seat Specification and passengers in the rear will enjoy the unparalleled comfort of two, unique features designed to maximise comfort. The front passenger seat can even fold forward if unoccupied, allowing the passenger seated behind it to benefit from an electrically deployed footrest.

Handstitched leather upholstery is on display throughout the cabin, even on the roof lining and pillars. The Azure model, meanwhile, features Harmony Diamond Quilt, a new, elongated interpretation of Bentley’s renowned diamond quilting.

UItimately, however, this car’s interior is more than just the sum of its parts. From the panoramic sunroof and the extra stowage available in the elongated rear doors, right down to the sustainable luxury of the recycled carpets and deep pile wool overmats, it is a truly inspiring space. Even the rear doors close electrically – useful when getting in or out with your hands full.


Wellbeing Transformed

  • Key feature 1398x699 airliner sear.jpg

    For complete relaxation, the optional Bentley Airline Seat Specification adds a generous recline facility for both rear seats, plus a footrest for the seat behind the front passenger. It also includes two world firsts. With sensors in the seat measuring heat and humidity, Seat Auto-Climate cools or warms the surface automatically. The unique Postural Adjust feature, meanwhile, makes regular micro-adjustments to the seat cushions for up to three hours, proactively boosting circulation, relaxing muscles and preventing fatigue on long journeys.

  • Tech callout 2 1398x699 panoramic roof.jpg

    To maximise air quality inside the cabin, a new, intelligent air conditioning system has been introduced, with the power to filter out harmful pollutants and PM2.5 particles. You can learn more about the system – and many other innovative features – on the Bentayga technology page.

  • Key feature 1398x699 user interface.jpg

    Every Bentayga EWB can identify suitable parking spaces and help you park. If the space is so tight that it may be difficult to open the door once parked, or if the ground is wet, you may wish to step outside your vehicle before starting the manoeuvre*. Just tap and hold one button in the My Bentley* app to park your car.

    Your vehicle will alert you to the possibility of low-speed collisions in tight spaces, protecting it from minor damage, with a three-dimensional, real-time view of your surroundings available on the central touchscreen.

    * All Driver Assistance features and Connected Car technology are subject to regional availability. Please contact your local Bentley retailer for full details.


  • Bentayga EWB Azure_24MY - Steering Wheel_V4_1398x699.jpg

    Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Guidance* ensures you maintain a safe distance from the car in front, when driving on the highway – even if you need to stop due to a traffic jam. It can keep you in lane too, alerting you if you begin to drift from the centre and steering you back, if necessary.

    Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control*, lets you enjoy the same speed controls beyond the highway, predicting junctions, traffic lights and roundabouts and adjusting your speed accordingly. If you find yourself feeling sleepy as you drive, the Emergency Assist* feature will issue alerts to regain your attention.

  • 1398x699_MMI_2.jpg

    The Bentayga EWB benefits from a suite of connected services, such as Green Traffic Light Prediction*, which can tell you exactly what speed to travel at in order to glide through the next junction while the lights are on green. Many of these services are accessed via the My Bentley smartphone app. For example, you can use it to search for a destination on your phone before you get into the car, pushing the destination to the car’s navigation system when you are ready to start your journey.

    * All Driver Assistance sytems and   Connected Car technology are subject to regional availability. Please contact your local Bentley retailer for full details.  



All Bentayga EWB models feature both Bentley Dynamic Ride and All-Wheel Steering. Bentley Dynamic Ride uses two electrically powered anti-roll bars that stiffen automatically when required, to improve cabin comfort when cornering. On straight, fast roads, however, it relaxes its grip, eliminating vibration from the road.

All-wheel steering also offers twin benefits. At low speeds, the front and rear wheels turn in opposite directions, to shrink the turning circle and maximise manoeuvrability. At higher speeds, all four wheels turn in the same direction, for added stability when changing lane or overtaking. So despite the generous space within, the Bentayga EWB is easy to manoeuvre, wherever you need to drive.

For a more performance-focused SUV, the Bentayga standard wheel base features the sporting Bentayga S

24MY_Bentayga EWB Mulliner - Rear Cabin 2601x1734.jpg



This is a car you can tailor precisely to your tastes. The standard Bentley palette of exterior paints can be extended to around 60 colours, plus Mulliner and duo-tone options. And with bespoke colours from Mulliner, your car can be painted to match any sample you provide.

A striking selection of 21” and 22” wheels are available in a variety of finishes, with one design being exclusive to the Azure model and another, available in three different finishes, being exclusive to the Mulliner model. To add even more presence, you can add the Blackline Specification, which replaces almost all the car’s exterior brightware with detailing rendered in black.

Inside, the opportunity to create your dream car only grows. Ten handcrafted veneers are available in a choice of high-gloss wood or contemporary open-pore wood. Other options include carbon fibre, Dark Tint Diamond Brushed Aluminium and smooth, painted Piano Linen finish. Depending on your choice, you can even opt for sleek metal overlays, adding a further dimension to the finish.

There are 15 leather upholstery colours, which can be arranged in six different colour splits – one of which has been designed exclusively for the Bentayga EWB. Choose the Mulliner model and you can choose from eight different exclusive colourways.

To explore the full list of options available, take a look at the Bentley Configurator. Alternatively, talk to your Bentley dealer.

Accessories for your Bentayga EWB

Make your Bentayga EWB even more personal by choosing from a wide range of Bentley accessories.  Recommended for the Bentayga EWB are: 


Paint Protection Film is a clear, high performance film that prevents chips and light scratches in paint work. When heat is applied, any fine scratches and swirl marks will be removed, ensuring your car’s exterior finish remains as good as it was the day it left the factory.​


Heavy Duty Floor Mats, Boot Mats & Bumper Protector
Heavy Duty Floor Mats provide high quality protection and excellent grip, even in the most adverse weather conditions. And when loading or unloading luggage or heavy equipment, the bumper protector safeguards your SUV from Damage.​


Rear Seat Entertainment​
Secured to the back of the front seats, the Rear Entertainment System features two high-definition 10.1” screens that provide endless miles of entertainment for your rear cabin passengers, with effortless streaming from a personal mobile device.​


See these accessories for Bentayga EWB on the Car Configurator by clicking the link below. 

jpeg-Imagery_2023 Accessories Campaign RSE close up 850x479.png

Discover the agile and powerful Bentayga

When the open road ends and the city begins, the Bentley Bentayga offers the best of both worlds.     With a full-throated V8 or a nimble city-friendly hybrid, there is a Bentayga to suit every environment.  

The Bentayga S offers a sporting attitude,   the Bentayga Azure features options designed to enhance your comfort and wellbeing, the new Bentayga A elevates the sense of luxury and Bentayga redefines the quintessential SUV.    

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