An orange Bentley Flying Spur W12 S Exterior driving on a desert road | Bentley Motors

The Flying Spur Range

Whether you select the Flying Spur, Flying Spur W12 S, Flying Spur V8 S or Flying Spur V8, you will be taking the wheel of a thrilling performance car that remains every inch a luxury sedan – one that takes more than 130 hours to build. Which is why you’ll be able to appreciate countless thoughtful differences in craftsmanship, engineering, design and technology.

On the street, the Flying Spur projects a contemporary, sporting look with crisp lines and a dynamic roofline that is eye-catching yet always retains the appropriate level of sophistication. Inside, the modern interiors are handcrafted with darker veneer choices for a contemporary look. The cabin is spacious and extremely comfortable, with technology that can keep everyone in the car occupied for the length of any journey. And the large boot means you can easily pack golf clubs and other large luggage – something generally unheard of in cars capable of such exhilarating performance. All of these elements combine seamlessly to create a car that is far, far more than the sum of its many high quality parts. Which is what makes the Flying Spur the finest of luxury sedans.

Take a closer look at the Flying Spur range and you will discover a car that is built without compromise. Immerse yourself in every curve, every hand-stitched leather seam, every painstakingly lacquered and polished wood veneer, every finely-milled millimetre of knurling. It’s the sum total of all these details that make every feature an experience to savour.

Choose the Flying Spur and you will appreciate the difference with all of your senses.


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Exterior design

The Flying Spur offers a spectacular presence from every conceivable angle. It’s elegance shines through in the details – the sharply defined body shape, distinctive upright grille, large jewel headlamps, sharp fender wing vents and athletic design lines deliver an unmatched road presence.

Step back and its performance capabilities shine through the classic Bentley power line that runs from the front wheel arch down the car’s flank. Note the crisply defined bonnet crease and muscular rear haunches.

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Flying_Spur_Side_White_Background profile with badge 1920x670.jpg

Power Lines

These powerful lines are formed using the most advanced production techniques. Superforming, for instance, uses a combination of superheating and air pressure, which combine to give sharper definition to curves and clearer silhouettes. We invest in this technology to give our cars full expression with no compromise.

A Head-Turning Experience
These seemingly small details add up to make the Flying Spur an instantly recognisable and powerful Bentley design statement and an extraordinary luxury sedan. Something you and people around you will appreciate whether cruising effortlessly at speed, or poised charismatically with the engine idling.


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Bentley Flying Spur W12 S front cabin with black and orange quilted seats | Bentley Motors

Interior Design

The Flying Spur’s handcrafted interior is a perfect balance of technology superbly and subtly showcased though matchless craftsmanship. Our expertise shines through in every detail.

Consummate Craftsmanship
A wide choice of veneer options, in different finishes, mirror-matched, with or without cross banding, affords the creation of an interior that reflects personal taste; whether it is for a traditional feel or an edgier, modern look. We have introduced a new contemporary veneer option: deep, subtle Dark Stained Madrona.

All the wood veneer used in the Flying Spur cabin is ethically sourced. Cured for 72 hours, it is then treated with five layers of clear lacquer to enhance its natural beauty. The result is a series of stunning, mirror-matched surfaces that flow seamlessly into the soft, tactile leather.

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Black and orange leather rear cabin interior of a Bentley Flying Spur W12 | Bentley Motors

Handcrafted Hides

There are many options to complement the finish you choose - from seat sandwich-piping to contrast stitching and cross-stitching. You also have a choice of 17 main hide and 11 secondary hide colours that can be combined any way you desire within our 5 interior colour splits options.  

Flying Spur’s seats also feature a hand-stitched leather headliner: handcrafting surrounds the driver, and passengers in a dynamic yet sophisticated environment. The options are many; the combinations virtually limitless.

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Silver  air vent and veneer finish on a Bentley Mulsanne | Bentley Motors

Authentic Details

Other details that catch the eye include the organ stop air-vent controls. These deliver the smooth and satisfyingly solid feel of authentic legacy instruments. Or the hand-stitched steering wheel that feels just right in your hands. It is these thoughtful trademark Bentley design touches that make the simplest operations, so rewarding: it is an interior designed to reward multiple senses.

Every detail is worthy of a moment of contemplation. And appreciation. Why not take a look at the different options with our Configurator?

Alternatively, contact your local Bentley dealer. Working together, we can ensure that we create a Bentley Flying Spur unlike any other - your Flying Spur.

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An orange Bentley Flying Spur W12 S Exterior driving on a desert road | Bentley Motors


The Flying Spur is built around the power of a 6.0 litre twin-turbocharged powerplant in the Flying Spur and Flying Spur W12 S. The Flying Spur V8 S and Flying Spur V8 share the same 4.0 litre V8 S twin-turbocharged engine. Both engines are developed to deliver effortless power and a tangible surge of acceleration, with remarkable road handling.

Effortless Control
But among the features that truly set the Flying Spur apart is its advanced all-wheel drive powertrain. A Torsen centre differential distributes power automatically between the front and rear axels – whichever is judged to have established greatest traction. A 40:60 rear-biased torque split helps to sharpen the handling, reducing understeer and providing more engagement with the road. It delivers an irresistible ride, whether you’re idling through traffic in town, or at full throttle on the open road.

It is also a car with a difference, one that offers highly responsive performance unheard of in the super-luxury saloon category – in fact, it’s more akin to a luxury sedan when you’re behind the wheel or relaxing in the passenger or rear seats.

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Flying_Spur_Side_front wheel close up 1920x670.jpg

Transmission and Suspension

The seamless 8-speed transmission ensures the Flying Spur is always in the optimum gear. So it is responsive at low speeds and incredibly smooth, even through multiple gear changes. The car’s engine management system gives the driver total control of the effortless power that is always available, while also delivering a better range of gear choice. Shift into the transmission D Mode, or the even sportier S Mode, and you’ll notice the throttle response is immediately keener, even at low revs.

A calibrated, sports focused suspension is combined with better roll control, sharper steering and an improved power to weight ratio – the result of continuous engineering refinement. It also features the all-wheel drive system, with 40:60 front to rear torque split, which is found at the heart of some of the world’s fastest Bentley luxury vehicles. This ensures the Flying Spur exits corners with ample purchase and an abundance of panache.

This incredible performance comes with no discernible loss of ride comfort thanks to the independent computer-controlled air suspension of the Flying Spur, which maximises impact absorption and isolation.

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Blue Bentley Flying Spur W12 S driving on a country road | Bentley Motors

Effortless Comfort

All these small details add up to an exciting drive, but with no loss of the legendary Flying Spur ride refinement and comfort. This is thanks to the independent computer-controlled air suspension, which maximises impact absorption and isolation. The 8-speed Quickshift transmission ensures that even through multiple gear changes, the ride remains incredibly smooth. As you press the accelerator down, there is no rush of power, just a perfect, even surge that makes overtaking a breeze or accelerating on a long stretch of open road a pure, uninterrupted pleasure.

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Infotainment System

It is all about technology that enhances every experience but never overpowers it. Everything has its place. Everything is designed to feel intuitive and simple – if you have to think too hard about it, something isn’t right. The demonstration of this can be found in the touch screen technology that sits within easy reach of the driver and front seat passenger.

Fingertip Control
Specially designed for Bentley, audio, telephone, navigation system and ride and comfort settings are all just a fingertip away. Rear passengers can switch between the front Infotainment system and the rear, as well as control volume via the Touch Screen Remote in the rear compartment. It’s a small detail but it means that everyone can be entertained and feel in control of their entertainment so that even the longest journeys fly by.

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675_SS_Bentley_19_RemoteonSeat_5 w12 1920 x 670.jpg

Connect And Control

Wi-Fi on Demand
The optional 4G LTE Wi-Fi hub gives you fast access to online music and video, cloud services and other internet-based content, all while you are on the move. Just add a SIM card to connect to the mobile network of your choice.

Designed to enhance your experience, yet never overpower it – you can be connected to the wider world wherever you are but if you just want to go off grid and savour the moment, the choice is yours. 

Touch Screen Remote
In the Flying Spur W12, control can be passed easily to the rear passengers through the integrated Touch Screen Remote (TSR). Located in the centre of the rear console it can be easily removed from its docking station for ease of use. It controls the rear window blind and rear climate conditions as well as the seat heating and ventilation (where fitted). You can also use it to adjust the volume of the front Infotainment system as well as switching between radio, media, and map modes.

The Flying Spur’s speed, vehicle trip information and current time is also displayed on the TSR, so everyone is always up to speed with progress, however long or short the drive. Digital content is also available if the optional in-car Wi-Fi hub is selected.

You can read more about configuring your Touch Screen Remote here.

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Sound system

The Flying Spur offers the perfect option for music lovers who appreciate sound quality with a real difference. The flagship Naim™ for Bentley audio system offers arguably the finest in-car entertainment available. Incorporating 11 custom-built Balanced Mode Radiator Speakers, it sets new standards in audio enjoyment

You can fill your Flying Spur with total surround quality sound so whether you’re alone or have a full car, everyone can enjoy perfect, detailed reproduction of their favourite music, radio station or audio book.

For the full Flying Spur experience, we recommend you select your favourite music on this exclusive Naim™ system and savour every sound.

Acoustic Perfection
The quality of all this on-hand entertainment would mean little without a calm environment in which to enjoy it. Fortunately, the Flying Spur features acoustic glazing, alongside soundproof panels built into the doors and the floor. As a result, what’s outside the car stays there – leaving you to appreciate what’s going on inside without distraction or interruption.

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craftsmanship stitching 1 1920 x 670.jpg

Handcrafted over time

Choosing your Flying Spur is just the beginning of the process. Much as it is built with a close attention to detail for people who really appreciate the difference, Flying Spur offers many further opportunities to make it as individual as you are. For the discerning driver, there remain many more opportunities to shape the car of your dreams. You can try thousands of different combinations using our Configurator.

No wonder it takes 138 hours to build a Flying Spur from start to finish. To give you an insight into the time and craftsmanship that goes into creating a truly luxurious finish, it takes 26 hours to cut, stitch and trim the seats, another 25 hours are spent contrast stitching the entire cabin, with 15 hours on the steering wheel alone.

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Natural Leather

The hides used to upholster the Flying Spur’s opulent cabin are among the finest used in the automotive industry. The natural leather aroma, reminiscent of classic Bentley interiors, is the result of Bentley’s own tanning process, after which the hides are dyed in a range of over 17 colours, with bespoke hues available on request. For true connoisseurs, meanwhile, the new option of the soft natural finish of semi-aniline hides can be specified when commissioning your car. You can also choose a new Alcantara headliner.

The Ultimate Luxury - Semi-Aniline Hide
Now you can choose to add another level of luxury to the cabin of your Flying Spur with optional semi-aniline hides. These hides are the finest quality available, rarely found in luxury motor cars. Known for their natural beauty and softness, they are used in areas of the cabin that you and your passengers come into contact with, including the seats and door trim.

You can explore the myriad of possible combinations using our Configurator to create a Flying Spur that is uniquely yours.

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Bentley Flying Spur W12, bespoke

Perfect Veneers

All the wood veneer used in the Flying Spur cabin is ethically sourced. Cured for 72 hours, it is then treated with five layers of clear lacquer to enhance its natural beauty. The result is a series of stunning, mirror-matched surfaces that flow seamlessly into the soft, tactile leather.

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Flying_Spur_Side_front wheel close up 1920x670.jpg


The wheel designs available for the Flying Spur have been created with careful attention to the car’s sleek lines, to ensure they complement it perfectly. They are handmade at Bentley’s Crewe factory, polished and, in some cases, painted by hand too. And when you look closely, the difference is clear.

A 20" open-spoke wheel is available in three finishes –painted, dark tint or polished - to match the Flying Spur’s purposeful, sporting character, while a variety of 21" wheels are also available as a single option or as part of the Mulliner Driving Specification package, for an even greater road presence.

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Mulliner Driving Specification

Seamlessly Integrated Design
Designed at Crewe, Mulliner Driving Specification brings additional options for both exterior and interior. These include 21” alloy wheels and door panels with perforated hide. The luxurious diamond-quilted seats now feature smaller quilting for a more contemporary design look. The uncompromising luxury feel can be further enhanced with a tactile knurled gear lever and drilled alloy pedals that add to the pleasure of an effortless driving experience.

Every detail has been crafted to emphasise this remarkable car’s difference - the Flying Spur with Mulliner Driving Specification is truly the ultimate luxury sedan.

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Flying_Spur_Rear_White_Background rear haunch 1920x670.jpg

A Spectrum of Choice

You can choose from an abundance of colours for the exterior that will create a real impact as your Flying Spur glides down the street. Alternatively, our bespoke commissioning department can match almost any colour you choose – whether it’s the fleeting shades of pink at dawn over the Mediterranean or the deep velvet blue of a Scandinavian winter’s night, they can help finesse your vision.

The Bentley Colour and Trim team have developed a selection of interior colour combinations for Flying Spur. Visit our Configurator to explore more.

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Flying Spur V8S_Faure_Marine 1920x670.jpg

Accessories Range

Those discerning enough to appreciate the Flying Spur will also appreciate the range of accessories available for this model. Designed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they make this extraordinary car even more of a pleasure to own.

These accessories are available across the Flying Spur range: Flying Spur W12 S, Flying Spur, Flying Spur V8 S and Flying Spur V8

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Bentley Flying Spur Relation Pack - 1920x670.jpg

Accessories for your lifestyle

Your Comfort
Lambswool Rugs offer the ultimate in car comfort and underfoot luxury, or you may prefer Deep Pile Overmats made from high quality woven pile. Both are available in a range of colours to complement your cabin. Apple Device Connectivity Leads allow you to enjoy your favourite entertainment effortlessly. And the Bentley Relaxation Pack transforms your car into an oasis of calm, with two luxurious hide scatter cushions and two foot wedges individually trimmed to match the interior of your vehicle.

Your Journey
We have a range of Winter Wheels and Tyres available for better traction in ice and snow. Or for a smart temporary measure, the AutoSock® fits over the Flying Spur’s regular tyres. All-Weather Floor Mats provide high quality protection from rain, as well as excellent grip. Tailored to fit perfectly within the footwell, their raised edges ensure no water gets underneath. And the thermo-electric Cooler Bag keeps your refreshments at exactly the right temperature, to make every picnic perfect.

Your Essentials
Tailored Car Covers protect your car from moisture, dust, pollution and the elements, and are stitched to the unique contours of your car. They can also be personalised with your name or unique choice of text in an embroidered finish. Should you ever need to keep your car in storage; Tyre Cradles help keep your tyres in optimum condition, while our Battery Charger helps maintain the charge and condition of your battery.

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