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Bentley Hybrid Range


Bentley’s journey into an electric future continues. The introduction of hybrid technology is an important stage on that journey, with a range of hybrid vehicles now available. In the years ahead, Bentley will reveal its first fully electric vehicle, making the shift to an all-electric line-up by 2030.

Below, you can read more about the hybrid models available now, as well as the innovative hardware and software that powers the Bentley hybrid experience.



Bentley’s hybrid technology is designed to give you smooth and silent progress through city streets, as well as the power and range you need for long, luxurious drives. According to research, the majority of Bentley customers’ journeys can be achieved using battery power only. In fact, almost all first-generation Bentayga Hybrid drivers use the vehicle’s EV mode, with around half regularly making journeys of less than 30 miles. So whether you mainly use your car for commuting, shopping or doing the school run, you can do so while keeping emissions to a minimum.


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The Bentley range currently offers two proven systems of hybrid technology – one created for the Bentayga and the other for the Flying Spur. By combining efficient petrol engines with advanced electric motors, they offer the engaging drive and long range associated with Bentley’s petrol-only engines, alongside significantly lower emissions. This is hybrid technology without compromise.


All hybrid Bentaygas are fitted with a 3.0 litre turbocharged V6 petrol engine, while hybrid Flying Spurs feature a 2.9 litre turbocharged V6 petrol engine. The battery and essential architecture of the hybrid system are the same.


Housed between the gearbox and the petrol engine, the E Motor (a permanent magnet synchronous motor) delivers full torque instantly, minimising any delay that could result from turbocharger lag. The result is smooth, silent acceleration from a standing start – and the sense of effortless power for which all Bentleys are renowned.


All cars are powered by a 18.0 kWh (usable) lithium ion battery that can be charged at a rate of 7.2kW/h, meaning it can be fully recharged in as little as two and a half hours, depending on the charging infrastructure available. Cars include all cables required in the country of delivery as standard, however you can also request a Bentley Charging Dock for neatly storing the cables and charge unit.

*Please note that installation of the Charging Dock is not included.



In the Bentayga, the E Motor is partnered with a 3.0 litre twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine, delivering 456 bhp (462PS) and 516 lb.ft (700 Nm) of torque for a top speed of 158 mph (254 km/h). The vehicle can travel at speeds of up to 84 mph (135 km/h) on electric power alone. Bentaygas equipped with this powertrain can achieve a combined range of 536 miles (863 km). They can drive for at least 28 miles (45km) in EV Drive mode (WLTP), a significant increase compared to the previous model.

The Flying Spur teams an E Motor with a 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine, delivering 536 bhp (544 PS) and 750 Nm (553 lb.ft) of torque, for a top speed of 177 mph (285 km/h) and the ability to reach 87 mph (140 km/h) on purely electric power. As a result, it can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in a phenomenal 4.1 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.3 secs). Combined range is 497 miles (800 km), while electric-only range is 25 miles (40km) (NEDC).

The key benefit, however, is efficiency. In a test in January 2022, nine Flying Spur Hybrids covered 10,500 miles (6,524 km) over six days, of which 3,000 miles (1,864 km) were driven on electric power alone – equivalent to driving across the United States from coast to coast. When compared to the Flying Spur V8, each car saved three gallons of fuel per day.

Three driving modes

Driving modes for every hybrid

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    The EV Drive mode is engaged the moment the car is switched on. Provided the battery is sufficiently charged, it should suffice for most everyday journeys.

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    Hybrid Mode combines data from the intelligent navigation system and a feature called predictive E-Mode and engine coasting to minimise emissions and fuel usage on longer journeys. With the navigation system activated, it enables the car to engage the correct mode for every stage of your journey automatically, constantly calculating the most efficient use of the available charge in the battery and storing it for the sections of the journey where it will be most useful, such as arriving in the city. By ensuring that the battery’s charge falls to zero just as you reach your destination, overall efficiency is maximised.

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    Hold Mode focuses on maintaining battery charge for later use, while relying primarily on the petrol engine for power. The default mode when the car’s Drive Dynamics control is set to Sport, Hold Mode also allows the car to recoup electric energy when braking (see below).


A key element of the interface between the driver and the car is the haptic feedback provided via the brake and accelerator pedals.


Bentley Hybrid Efficiency Braking is a combination of two braking methods: traditional hydraulic braking to slow down the wheels and electric braking of the E Motor. The system cleverly blends the two, providing the driver with a conventional braking sensation through the brake pedal, while the vehicle harvests energy from the hydraulic brakes to recharge the battery.


In the Bentayga, the system provides further feedback to the driver, in the form of a pressure point experienced on depressing the accelerator pedal that indicates a change of power source, from electric-only to hybrid power.


If the car’s intelligent navigation system is active, the pedal will vibrate when you approach a junction or a change in the speed limit, instructing you to slow down. This conserves energy, while also providing a further opportunity for the system to recoup charge for the battery.



The My Bentley range of connected services is continually growing. As well as all the in-car and remote connected car services you would expect, from navigation with real-time traffic information and over-the-air map updates to a remote car finder and push notifications from the car’s alarm, there are numerous features designed specifically for Bentley hybrids. Many services can be accessed remotely via the My Bentley app, which is available both on Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms. They include the following:

You can pre-programme your car to pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin to an optimum temperature of 22°C before you get in, at a time that suits you.

This service provides vehicle data such as the times of recent trips, the distance of the last journey made, average speed, average travel time and average consumption of both petrol and electric power.

With this feature, you can start charging your car remotely, provided it is connected to a suitable charger. If you enter your planned departure time, the system will automatically calculate the rate of charging required to ensure a full charge before you leave.

The app can show your nearest charging point, either at your current location or at a destination of your choice. You can filter the results by distance, bay availability and charging rate. You can even set your desired charging point as your destination for navigation assistance.


Bentley hybrids can deliver a raft of information to the driver via the car’s infotainment system. The infotainment screen itself can display energy flow in each of the three driving modes, showing you whether the car is being powered by the battery or the petrol engine – or, if it is in Hold mode, if energy is flowing back to the battery to charge it.


The tachometer has been designed to augment the usual engine speed indication with additional information about the status of the battery and electric motor. At a glance, it can tell you what which mode you are in, whether the car is running on electric power or not and whether the petrol engine is running and if so, how fast. It will also tell you how much battery charge remains, how much fuel is in the tank and the vehicle’s remaining range at that moment.


The Bentley Hybrid Efficiency Navigation system features free text, context-specific search entry, which can respond to an address or point of interest. Navigation is improved with a three-dimensional building display, satellite maps and content in the Head-Up Display, which also projects traffic information, street names and the distance to your destination.


For more information about new technology for the Bentayga Hybrid models visit the Bentayga Technology page.  

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