Bentley Flying Spur in Orange Flame by Mulliner colour featuring  Flying ‘B’ radiator mascot – bright  polished stainless and Matt black matrix grille.
Bentley Flying Spur in Orange Flame by Mulliner colour featuring  Flying ‘B’ radiator mascot – bright  polished stainless and Matt black matrix grille.

Bentley Accessories

Every Bentley owner is different. That’s why we offer an extensive range of Bentley car accessories, designed to enhance the way your car looks, sounds and feels, elevating your driving experience. In short, there is no better way to complete your vision and make your Bentley unique.

Close up of Bentley's jewel cut full LED head lamps.
Hand placed on boot of Bentley, feauring Bentley lettering and Chrome Flying Wings Badge.

Crafted to complement your car

Whatever accessories you choose, however, you can expect a seamless continuation of the Bentley design language. For example, all carbon fibre styling enhancements are mirror-matched using the same process as the carbon fibre veneers inside your car, for absolute symmetry, right down to the weave. And because every accessory is made by Bentley, each one is rigorously tested and inspected to the same exacting standards as your car. They are also supplied with a warranty of at least two years (three if they are fitted when the car is ordered from the factory).
Close up of Bentley's Sports exhaust with Bentley engraving.
Beluga hide for Bentley Continental GT

Cross range accessories

Interior and technology
Touring and travel
Car care and protection
Wheels and tyres
Weather-beating accessories
First impressions count – and nothing makes a stronger impression than exterior styling enhancements, Choices range from carbon fibre body kits for an extra sporting edge, to subtle details such as self-levelling wheel badges and valve caps. Naturally, every Bentley accessory represents unrivalled quality of craftsmanship. The lacquered carbon fibre on the body kits, for example, is mirror-matched for symmetry around the car – because when it comes to your Bentley, attention to detail matters as much as enhanced aerodynamics. There is more to Bentley style than just the way your car looks, however – which is why Bentley sports exhausts enable you to be heard as well as seen. Every Bentley sports exhaust is acoustically tuned for a powerful roar, from the second you switch the engine on. Not only does it sound fantastic, but it also improves your car’s performance.
Bentley’s range of interior and technology accessories are designed to fit seamlessly into every car, improving the travelling experience and optimising the wellbeing of everyone inside. For the safekeeping of your valuables, a biometrically accessed safe can be installed, out of the way of prying eyes. Air ionisers purify the in-cabin atmosphere to keep everyone feeling fresh, while Bentley Rear Seat Entertainment can provide cutting-edge entertainment via touchscreens mounted on the backs of the front seats, with the ability to play audio through headphones or the car’s speakers.

Whatever your lifestyle, there are Bentley car accessories available that can make things more convenient – and all are designed specifically for your Bentley model. Bentayga accessories, for example, range from general purpose roof boxes to cycle carriers and ski carriers that can accommodate six sets of skis. Boot capacity can be compartmentalised with a multi-functional stowage box fitted securely to the boot floor, featuring a sliding drawer that can be divided into multiple sections. Tow bars can be fitted too, enabling you to attach trailers, boats or horse boxes.

It is important to protect the investment you have made in your car, which is why we offer a range of car care and protection products. They include Bentley car covers made to fit your specific Bentley model, both for indoor and outdoor use. Paint Protection Film* is a clear, high performance film that prevents chips and light scratches in paint work. When heat is applied, any fine scratches and swirl marks will be removed, ensuring your car’s exterior finish remains as good as it was the day it left the factory. If you need to put your car away for long periods – over the winter, for example, trickle chargers and tyre cradles will ensure that in spring, it is ready to roll out and drive straight away. *Paint Protection Film is a factory fit item, only available at the point of order

You can choose from a range of tyres designed to minimise wear and prolong life, providing they are used in optimum conditions. Bentley winter tyres, for example, feature a pattern created specifically to displace water and dig into snow and ice. The rubber blocks vibrate imperceptibly while you are driving, shaking out any snow or road debris that might otherwise clog them up and reduce grip. Large, open grooves, meanwhile, allow water to drain and increase lateral stability. There are also tyres available for drivers looking to push their cars’ performance to the limit, made with a compound that increases grip by reacting to specific temperatures. For the ultimate in convenience, you can take advantage of our tyre hotel service, in which your Bentley dealer will store all your wheels and tyres when not in use, so they can be swapped as required, when conditions change.

Winter shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your Bentayga EWB. With our specially selected accessories, you can drive with complete confidence, whatever the weather. The range has been specially tested and developed to suit all types of extreme conditions, whether driving through heavy snow, on compacted ice or in freezing rain. Spikes-Spider™: A modern spin on the tried-and-tested snow chain, Spikes-Spider™ offers superb traction and safety in the toughest conditions.

Bentley Bentayga EWB in Moonbeam colour with boot open, with bags placed in lightweight sliding Load Assist Tray
Close up view of Grey stone texture.

Bentayga EWB

Heavy-duty floor mats and bumper protectors
Rear seat entertainment
Load Assist Tray
Multifunctional Boot Stowage
Heavy-duty floor mats provide high quality protection and excellent grip even in the most adverse weather conditions. When loading or unloading luggage or heavy duty equipment, the bumper protector safeguards your SUV from damage.
Secured to the back of the front seats, the Rear Entertainment System features two high-definition 10.1" screens that provide endless miles of entertainment for your rear cabin passengers, with effortless streaming from a personal mobile device.

Crafted with a dynamic lifestyle in mind, the Load Assist Tray* optimises your Bentayga EWB’s boot space, making it perfect for those looking to explore the open road and beyond. Made from light yet highly durable aluminium, the tray is integrated into the boot runners to slide out and provide effortless access to contents at all times. With an impressive load capacity of 300 kilograms, the tray also features a protective heavy duty insert that is easily cleanable and an optional carpet replacement to protect the original lining of your SUV. *The Load Assist Tray is not available the 4 Seat model.

The Multifunctional Boot Stowage fits securely into the boot of your Bentayga EWB, allowing you to neatly stow away items. Made from strong, brushed aluminum with a capacity of up to 100 litres, it provides practicality in all conditions. Featuring a drawer that slides out for convenient access to contents, it can be split into two with an internal divider to further improve organisation. With a hinged lid and rear section locking function, you can have peace of mind when storing valuables. The interior walls and floor are also covered with a durable TPE rubber-like surface along with an integrated drain plug to ensure you can remove any water or dirt with ease – the perfect solution for wintery weather or wet sporting equipment.

Rear view of Bentley Bentayga in Moroccan Blue parked in Marina with Yacht in view and person holding driver side door.
Close up view of Beluga hide texture from Bentayga Mulliner


Cross bars
Fixed sill step
Winter rims and tyres

Cross bars are the base of Bentayga's roof storage system and ensure the Roof Box and Ski and Snowboard Carrier are secured to the car. Designed to support the SUV’s aerodynamic performance, they lock to the car's roof rails to ensure safe transit and confidence in all conditions.

Highly suited to an off-road lifestyle, fixed sill steps allow passengers to enter and exit the SUV with even greater ease. Available with impeccably finished inserts in black, Bentley-branded carbon fibre and Moonbeam they are ideal complements to the Bentayga Styling Specification and Blackline Specification.

In colder weather, the performance of your tyres can begin to suffer, as can your stopping distance. Our winter tyres are designed to improve performance when temperatures dip below 7°C and give you the high level of safety you expect.

Passenger interacting with 10.1 inch Rear Entertainment System featured in Bentley Flying Spur
Close up of Bentley Bentayga's jewel cut full LED head lamps.

Flying Spur Accessories

Rear Seat Entertainment
Blackline Specification
Sports pedals
Red brake callipers
Secured to the back of the front seats, the Rear Entertainment System features two high-definition 10.1" screens that provide endless miles of entertainment for your rear cabin passengers, with effortless streaming from a personal mobile device.
The Blackline Specification brings brooding character to the Flying Spur, enhancing its head-turning presence. Replacing the exterior polished chrome with all-black brightware, it’s dramatic cues include side window surrounds, wing vents, lower door and rear bumper brightware, headlamp and rear lamp bezels, radshell matrix, door handles and exhaust tailpipes.

Celebrate your Flying Spur’s formidable power with striking Sports accelerator and brake pedals that bring a touch of drama to the cabin.

Unique and eye-catching, the red brake callipers make an assertive statement. Bearing the Bentley name on the front calliper, it complements the brooding Blackline Specification.

Grey leather landscape.jpg
The new indoor fitted car cover available with the new Bentley Continental GT and GTC Speed

Continental GT & GTC accessories

An exclusive new car cover has been created, to protect cars stored primarily in garages or underground car parks from dust and scratches.


The cover is tailored specifically to fit the sleek contours of the new Continental GT. The microfibre outer is made from a breathable material that allows moisture to evaporate easily, while a fleece inner lining provides added protection. All materials have undergone extensive testing to guarantee the most powerful protection for your car.


Finished in black with a printed Bentley emblem, the cover is supplied with a storage bag for when it’s not in use. 

Continental GT Speed (Hybrid) WLTP drive cycle: fuel consumption, mpg (l/100km) – Combined - (-). Combined electrical consumption – - Wh/km. Combined CO₂ Emissions – - g/km.