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Sustainability Report

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Bentley Sustainability Report 2023

The Bentley Beyond100 strategy centers around sustainability, reshaping every aspect of our business to become the leader in Sustainable Luxury Mobility. This commitment ensures sustainable luxury for the next century, aligning with a low-carbon future. It goes beyond technology, symbolising Bentley’s dedication to timeless luxury, environmental responsibility, social inclusion, and innovation. Our progress in advancing sustainability is outlined in the 2023 Sustainability Report.

Jan-Henrik Lafrentz Member of the Board for Finance
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Message from our Board Member for Finance & IT

Our commitment
Taking responsibility
Making the change
Embracing battery electric vehicles
Navigating the challenges
Continuing the journey

Our first report published in 2023, set out how Bentley Motors is committed to becoming a sustainability role model and leader in the luxury mobility sector. This commitment is at the core of our Beyond100 strategy. It is both technically and economically feasible and is now embedded in our organisational deliverables and values.


We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality1 across our value chain; everything from raw materials, through suppliers, to ultimately recycling. The scale of this challenge is significant, but operational plans to make this a reality are already well underway.


Our commitment to this goal is driven by a simple insight; while no one company can individually resolve the global environmental challenge that we face, if every company does its best to minimise its impact and that of its value chain, the cumulative effect will be decisive. We listen to our customers, and are increasingly observing that they take these environmental challenges seriously, and they expect us to strive to reflect their environmental concerns. 

Today, the urgency of the need to tackle our own climate impact has never been more tangible. In this context, we reaffirm our absolute support for the Paris Agreement of limiting global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees compared to pre-industrial levels and to fight to avoid every degree over that figure. We acknowledge that to go to 2 degrees or worse would have significant impact on society’s ability to operate and our communities’ ability to thrive. This is a real and present fight, and one we must collaborate with others to tackle.


As an automotive brand, we have a responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of our products, manage how we reuse and restore resources, and increasingly manage our impact on society, ensuring that the net effect of our actions benefits all.


The reason to take this new approach is not simply because it is the right thing to do, but because we are in the middle of a rapid transition to electrification. We see the transition as not only necessary, but positive and we want it to be equally positive for our people and communities. Enabling an inclusive transition is key to our Beyond100 purpose. 

To support this once in a century transformation, we are ensuring our colleagues have the right facilities to work in and the skills and capabilities to thrive. We are also increasing the resilience of our communities.


At our home in Crewe, we are transitioning our campus to the new Dream Factory. It is a modern, efficient, internationally competitive headquarters and, I hope, a great and pleasant place to work. We already have new engineering, launch quality and test facilities and there is more to come.


Our BeFit programme proactively focuses on colleagues’ physical and mental wellbeing and this year we have extended our colleague benefits programme to introduce a new online GP service to help all colleagues and families when other services are struggling.


We continue to focus on our training for current colleagues and leadership and are adapting our school and university outreach programme to make sure it is focussed on 
the future.


We are committed to living a diverse culture at Bentley too. By 2025, 30 per cent of candidates in management will be diverse, bringing new ideas to our current and future complex challenges. Under the banner of our Advancing Life Chances Strategy, we are focussed on social inclusion and creating capacity for social justice in Crewe and across the UK. Our Environmental Foundation is also looking to create capacity for environmental charities and raise awareness and understanding of climate and biodiversity challenges.

This brings me to the regenerative aspects of our journey. Step one is beginning the significant challenge of creating a circular economy approach to our future battery electric vehicles (BEVs). We cannot do this alone and will be working across the Volkswagen Group (Group) and with partners to develop this new approach.


The need for green steel and green aluminium is urgent. For BEVs, the circular approach to critical minerals is essential and this needs to be in tandem with further technological developments such as solid-state battery technology.


Beyond our new BEVs, we are also committed to mitigating the impact of the existing fleet. Underpinning this transition is the need for greater availability of low-cost renewable energy all over the world, a visible and reliable charging infrastructure and a consistent sense of urgency from regulators.


These are all important topics where collaboration is key. As a luxury manufacturer, we are additionally looking at where we have greater control and we are seeking to sustainably improve visible customer touchpoints.


We will have a new modern paint shop ready to efficiently paint our new future fleet, offering that vital personal touch from our own craftspeople. For leather, we are looking at the whole life of the animal, including the initial wellbeing and traceability from the farm, as well as luxury leather alternative materials. We are looking at all customer touchpoints including the retailer experience. 

The just and regenerative transition which we are starting is not going to be straightforward and it will not be linear. The challenging economic reality of today does nothing to help ease this path. However, we are committed to do our part and this report will show our progress and our challenges in the last year. This report is a snapshot of our business today, en route to a very different business by the end of the decade.


In 2023, there were challenging market conditions seen around the world for the luxury car market. Despite the macroeconomic challenges facing us, we were able to deliver our third highest retail position in history and enter 2024 with a strong order bank.

I would like to thank our new Sustainability Council for their insights and constructive challenge over the last year. Together with our many talented and committed colleagues and Board, our customers who share our passion for extraordinary journeys and our suppliers who share our passion for a better world, I am confident we will make the critical shifts necessary to tackle our shared ambitions and continue our journey to be leaders in sustainable luxury mobility.

1A balance to zero between emitted carbon and absorbed carbon from the atmosphere.

Bentley motors sustainability targets

Bentley Targets

2023 Continental GT V8 Convertible parked in front of a bridge
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The legacy of Bentley

A journey of innovation, craftsmanship and luxury

For over a century, Bentley has offered extraordinary luxury experiences, integrating sustainability into our core mission to “inspire our customers with a magical fusion of craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability."

Company founded by W.O Bentley. Car production begins in Cricklewood, London

Launched the R-Type Continental

Launched Mulsanne Turbo

First achievement of the ISO 14001 Certification

Launched the Continental GT, sold more cars across our range, than we ever had in our history

First achievement of the ISO 50001 Certification

Carbon neutral factory. Third-generation Continental GT delivered to customers. Addition of 10,000 solar panels

Launched the world’s first luxury plug-in hybrid – the Bentayga Hybrid. 100% green gas at our production site in Crewe

Beyond100 strategy aiming to become a leader in Sustainable Luxury Mobility

Installation of additional solar panels to bring the total to 36,418 panels covering 60,911 square metres.

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From power to purpose

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From power to purpose

At the heart of our sustainability journey lies the transformation of our manufacturing processes. We embrace cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly practices, reimagining every aspect of production to minimise our environmental impact. 

Through relentless innovation, we explore electric and hybrid technologies that redefine efficiency and performance. Our plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles will leave a lighter footprint on the planet, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier world. Durability is a core principle in our vehicle design. We ensure that our vehicles endure the test of time, minimising waste and reducing the need for frequent replacements. This commitment to longevity extends the lifespan of our products, contributing to a more sustainable future.


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18 Climate change

21 Production

22 Driving

23 Fuel / charging

24 Sustainable products and materials

26 End of life recycling

27 Nurturing biodiversity 

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Leading the way

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Leading the way

Our commitment extends beyond environmental sustainability. We recognise the importance of social responsibility and embrace diversity and inclusion within our workforce and leadership. Employee wellbeing programs prioritise health and safety, mental health support and flexible work arrangements, nurturing a thriving team. Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of our workforce, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.


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29 Being the employer of choice

38 Future skills and colleague development

42 Occupational health, safety and wellbeing

47 Diversity, equity and inclusion 

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Quality in motion

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Quality in motion

As we progress on our sustainability journey, we embrace a culture of continuous improvement. Feedback from customers and stakeholders is meticulously gathered and analysed, driving ongoing enhancements, digital innovation and refinements to our sustainability initiatives.

To enhance our impact, we've formed strategic collaborations with suppliers, research institutions, and tech firms. This collaborative approach speeds up the creation of innovative solutions, pooling diverse expertise and resources, and propelling automotive excellence forward.


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54 Wellbeing behind the wheel

55 Product quality and customer health and safety

57 Destination digital

59 Innovation

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From cars to communities

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From cars to communities

We are passionate about understanding and meeting the unique needs and desires of our customers. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that every moment behind the wheel is an embodiment of luxury, comfort, and sophistication. By choosing a Bentley, our customers also become part of a community that values sustainability, innovation, and responsible luxury.

But our commitment doesn't stop there. We believe in giving back to the communities that support us. Through our community engagement initiatives, we actively participate in local projects, volunteer our time, and donate to charitable causes. We are dedicated to leaving a lasting positive impact on the communities we operate in, extending our commitment beyond our factory walls and contributing to a better world.


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63 Customer centricity & partnerships

66 Supply chain management

69 Communities, collaboration and philanthropy

75 Bentley Environmental Foundation

77 Sustainable retailers

79 Events and experiences

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Governance and risk management

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Governance and risk management

Our robust governance approach serves as the cornerstone of this transformative journey, ensuring effective implementation and accountability at every level of our organisation. This approach is not static, but rather evolves continuously to remain in lockstep with our unwavering commitment to sustainability, our rich heritage, and our relentless pursuit of innovation.


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81 Sustainability programme governance

84 Risk management

86 Governance, compliance and integrity

91 Environmental compliance

Bentley Sustainability Report 2023

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