A seamster working on leather hide in Bentley Factory, Crewe.
A seamster working on leather hide in Bentley Factory, Crewe.

People and expertise

This is a business built on people. Yes, we want to be known for our ideas, our technological innovations, our exceptional products. But none of it is achievable without talented individuals working together to make a diverse and successful team.

Close up of Open Pore Koa Veneer featured in Bentley.
A craftsman holding Oper Pore Koa Veneer sample.

Extraordinary materials

Before our craftspeople can begin their work, there is a vital first step that makes a Bentley unlike any other luxury car: the sourcing and selection of the materials. 

Close up of detailed contrast stitching set in Portland hide.
A craftsman working on fabrication of Bentley, in production line at Bentley Factory, Crewe.

Unrivalled craftsmanship

At the Bentley factory in Crewe, thousands of highly skilled craftspeople are involved in crafting our cars by hand- and in the Mulliner workshop, unique bespoke cars are created. 

Textured image of grey stone
A technician working on Bentley chassis under manufacturing process.

Metrology team

Deep in the heart of the Bentley factory in Crewe is a large, airy and air-conditioned workshop that visitors, even out of a government lockdown, will never see. It’s packed with the kind of precision instruments you’d expect to find in a space agency facility or university science lab. It’s here that Head of Metrology and colleagues measure every part of a Bentley to the highest standards of precision. 

Engine Turned Aluminium – Dark Tint veneer finishing.
View of Bentley's W12 6.0 litre twin turbocharged engine installed in vehicle, Bentley Flying Wings Badge in view.

Bentley engineers

Bentley began with a straightforward philosophy: the relentless pursuit of both luxury and performance. The engineering we employ while pursuing this goal is similarly single-minded.