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Flying Spur Mulliner

The Flying Spur Mulliner represents the pinnacle of Bentley luxury. In pushing automotive craftsmanship to exquisite new limits, Mulliner has set a new standard for comfort and style on the road. Whether you prefer to drive your car yourself or be driven by a chauffeur, the Flying Spur Mulliner can be considered the ultimate luxury sedan.

To discover more, contact your local Bentley dealer.

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Created by Mulliner, Bentley’s personal commissioning division, the Flying Spur Mulliner is a true celebration of modern automotive craftsmanship – something that will strike you the moment you lay eyes on its gleaming, Mulliner-badged exterior.

Its exclusive 22” wheel is painted grey and polished – and features self-levelling ‘B’ wheel caps in the centre. A sparkling ‘double diamond’ design has been applied to the radiator grille and wing vents, along with the wing vent on either side. Satin silver painted wing mirror caps catch the eye, while an electrically deployed, illuminated ‘Flying B’ bonnet mascot delivers a splendid finishing touch.

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Get closer to the car and your path will light up, thanks to the welcome lighting. Step inside and you will notice the word Mulliner once more, illuminated in the outer treadplates. Once inside, a world of comfort and craftsmanship is yours to enjoy. The addition of Bentley’s Mood Lighting Specification means the cabin will exude the ambience of your choice. In the veneered fascia, you will see chrome bulls eye air vents and overlays, alongside the Bentley Rotating Display and a Breitling for Mulliner dashboard clock (even the dials in the digital instrument display match its design).

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At your feet you will find sports foot pedals and deep pile Mulliner overmats for added comfort, while overhead, a panoramic roof is set into the smooth leather headliner. Among the interior’s most eye-catching features are the leather panels inside the doors, which have been formed without stitching into a stunning, three-dimensional diamond-pattern texture that simply begs to be touched. The seats, meanwhile, feature accent colour piping and exclusive Mulliner embroidery.

In the rear, two heated and cooled seats with massage functions are positioned either side of a diamond-milled, full-length central console. Electrically deployed picnic tables finished with chrome inlays are fitted to the backs of the front seats.

See it on the Bentley Configurator.

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The Flying Spur Mulliner can be commissioned with one of three incredible powertrains – an impossibly smooth 6.0 litre W12 engine, an exhilarating 4.0 litre V8 engine or, for those seeking a more progressive choice, a 2.9 litre V6 hybrid featuring a powerful 103kW electric vehicle motor.

Whichever you choose, you can expect the combination of refinement and effortless power that only Bentley can deliver. Every car includes unrivalled sound insulation to ensure a serene experience for all inside – unless the driver actively selects Sport mode and opens the throttle. Only then is the true extent of Flying Spur performance revealed, as a rich roar is emitted from the gleaming tailpipes at the rear – and the open road beckons.


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Beneath the exquisite surface of the W12 configuration, a series of innovative chassis systems work together to make driving even more satisfying – and give the car levels of agility that belie its size. Bentley Dynamic Ride* is an active anti-roll system that keeps the car level when cornering, with no compromise on ride comfort whatsoever. Not only does it ensure a better experience for all occupants, but it makes for sports car-like performance on winding roads. Exhilaration is another kind of luxury, after all.

The car also benefits from a cutting-edge four-wheel steering system. At low speeds the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front ones, reducing the turning circle to allow for easier control in narrow streets. On the open road, however, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as those at the front, so you can glide between lanes with confidence.

*Not available on Flying Spur Hybrid Mulliner

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Like every Flying Spur, the Flying Spur Mulliner is fitted with a wide range of driver assistance systems as part of Bentley’s City Specification, from hands free boot opening to a top-view camera. The optional Touring Specification adds features that make driving on the open road easier, from a night vision camera and head-up display to adaptive cruise control.

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The experience of being driven in the Flying Spur Mulliner is unlike that in any other car. A smooth, near-silent ride complements a generous sense of space, while the in-car atmosphere always feels fresh, thanks to a built-in air ioniser. The wireless 

Touch Screen Remote provides the opportunity to check trip information, adjust the seats and control the infotainment system, all from the back seat. And when it comes to music, you have access to some of the finest in-car audio available anywhere on the planet, with three options ranging from Bentley’s standard system to audiophile systems from Bang & Olufsen and Naim.

While the new Bentley Rear Entertainment system, with two high-definition 10.1” screens, offers rear passengers even greater levels of entertainment and immersion. You can now access and enjoy content from a wide range of your subscriptions, streamed directly from your personal mobile device.

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The Flying Spur Mulliner can be commissioned in your choice of exterior paint colour, from Bentley’s standard, extended and Mulliner paint ranges.

Inside the cabin, there is a choice of eight distinct three-way colour schemes for the leather upholstery. Curated specifically for this car by Mulliner’s design team, each one comprises a primary hide, a secondary hide and a third accent colour. In yet another example of Bentley’s attention to detail, the handmade key presentation box and pouches are crafted to match.

Flying Spur Grand Black veneer shows off the Mulliner chrome inlays on the fascia and door waistrails. As an alternative, however, veneers can be chosen from Bentley’s entire range of wood and technical finishes, with the additional option of a chrome pinstripe running horizontally through their centre. You can also opt for one of six Dual Veneers by Mulliner, adding a contrasting gloss black section to bring out the beauty of the wood.

When you choose the Flying Spur Mulliner, these options are just the beginning. To explore your personalisation opportunities in more detail, visit the Bentley Configurator

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Ultimately, this is a Mulliner car, which means you have virtually unlimited opportunity to make yours unique. You can choose from a wide range of options, each of which can be explored on the Bentley Configurator. Yet there is always the scope to go further – to engage with Mulliner in the addition of truly bespoke details, whether it’s a paint colour matched to an item you own or a wholly new feature – one designed, built and fitted by Mulliner to your specification.

You can learn more about Personal Commissioning with Mulliner here. 

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6.0 litre twin turbo-charged W12 engine

4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine

536 bhp / 544 PS / 400 kW (Combined System Power) , 138 bhp / 140 PS / 103 kW (E-motor)

Max torque

664 lb-ft / 900 Nm @ 1500-5000 rpm

568 lb-ft / 770 Nm @ 2000-4500 rpm

553 lb-ft / 750 Nm (Combined System Torque) , 295 lb-ft / 400 Nm (E-motor)

Engine capacity

5950 cc

3996 cc

2894 cc (V6 Engine) / 18.0 kWh (Lithium-ion battery)

Fuel type

Petrol (RON 95)

Petrol (RON 95)

Petrol and Electric


0 - 60 mph 3.7 seconds, 0 - 100 km/h 3.8 seconds

0 - 60 mph 4.0 seconds, 0 - 100 km/h 4.1 seconds

0 - 60 mph 4.1 seconds, 0 - 100 km/h 4.3 seconds

Max speed

207 mph / 333 km/h

198 mph / 318 km/h

177 mph / 285 km/h


Fuel Consumption




NEDC (WLTP Equivalent) CO2 Emissions**

320 g/km

270 g/km

73 g/km

EU Drive Cycle Combined

20.2 mpg, 14.0 litres / 100 km

24.4 mpg, 11.6 litres / 100 km

3.2 l/100 km

EU Drive Cycle Urban

14.5 mpg, 19.5 litres / 100 km

17.1 mpg, 16.5 litres / 100 km

EU Drive Cycle Extra Urban

26.4 mpg, 10.7 litres / 100 km

32.1 mpg, 8.8 litres / 100 km

Combined Driving Range

643 km, 399.54 miles

776 km, 482 miles


City Driving

12.0 US mpg

16 US mpg

Highway Driving

20.0 US mpg

26 US mpg


15.0 US mpg

19 US mpg


Combined CO2

340 g/km

288 g/km

75 g/km

Combined Fuel Economy

18.8 mpg, 15 litres / 100 km

22.2 mpg, 12.7 litres / 100 km

85.6 mpg, 3.3 l/100 km

Extra High Fuel Economy

23 mpg, 12.3 litres / 100 km

25.2 mpg, 11.2 litres / 100 km

27.4 mpg, 10.3 l/100 km

High Fuel Economy

22.4 mpg, 12.6 litres / 100 km

26.2 mpg, 10.8 litres / 100 km

29.7 mpg, 9.5 l/100 km

Medium Fuel Economy

17.7 mpg, 16 litres / 100 km

21.2 mpg, 13.3 litres /100 km

26.6 mpg, 10.6 l/100 km

Low Fuel Economy

10.9 mpg, 25.9 litres / 100 km

14.1 mpg, 20.0 litres / 100 km

18.6 mpg, 15.2 l/100 km

Driving Range

372.82 miles, 600 km

441 miles, 709 km

500 miles, 805 km

NEDC (Rest of World)

Combined CO2

320 g/km

Combined Fuel Economy

14 litres / 100km

Urban Fuel Economy

19.5 litres / 100km

Extra Urban Fuel Economy

10.7 litres / 100km

Weights And Measures




Unladen Weight

2437 kg

2330 kg

2559 kg (China), 2505 kg (EU), 2512 kg / 5538 lb (NAR)

Gross Vehicle Weight

6614 lb/ 3000 kg

6569.8 lb/ 2980 kg

3000 kg (China), 3030 kg (EU), 3030 kg / 6680 lb (NAR)

Fuel Tank Capacity

19.8 UK gallons / 23.78 US gallons / 90 litres

19.8 UK gallons / 23.78 US gallons / 90 litres

18 gallons / 21 US gallons / 80 litres

Boot Volume

14.83 cu-ft / 420 litres

14.83 cu-ft / 420 litres

12 cu-ft / 351 litres





Overall Length

209.29 in / 5316 mm

209.29 in / 5316 mm

209.29 in / 5316 mm

Width Across Mirrors

87.4 in / 2220 mm

87.4 in / 2220 mm

87.4 in / 2220 mm

Width With Folded Mirrors

79.25 in / 2013 mm

79.25 in / 2013 mm

79.25 in / 2013 mm

Overall Height

58.39 in / 1483 mm

58.39 in / 1483 mm

58.39 in / 1483 mm


125.75 in / 3194 mm

125.75 in / 3194 mm

125.75 in / 3194 mm