Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Mulliner

The Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Mulliner is the pinnacle of Bentley – and a breathtaking new benchmark for SUV luxury and wellbeing. With a powerful V8 engine, the latest technology and incredible dynamic handling, it delivers everything the Mulliner name stands for in terms of prestige, presence and personalisation.

The Pinnacle Bentley

Like any vehicle bearing the Mulliner name, the Bentayga EWB Mulliner features peerless automotive craftsmanship, inside and out. Offering the ultimate in comfort and space, alongside innovative wellbeing technology, it offers a travelling experience like no other.


Luxury is only one side of the equation, however. This vehicle also stands as a case study in Bentley performance. An advanced V8 engine delivers 542 bhp (550 PS) – enough power to propel this incredible vehicle from zero to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds (0-100km/h 4.6 seconds). Equipped with the latest in Bentley chassis technology, the Bentayga EWB Mulliner is beyond compare.



Artistry in motion

The gleaming chrome details of the diamond-in-diamond Mulliner front grille and Mulliner wing vents immediately draw the eye, while the exclusive 22” Mulliner wheels, complete with self-levelling Bentley badges at their centres, give the car a supremely confident appearance. Satin silver door mirror caps add a distinctive finishing touch.

As enter the cabin, the LED welcome lamps project a stunning visual onto the ground at your feet. The glow of the illuminated 3D treadplates is clearly visible as you step inside, while rear-seat passengers may also notice the powered doors close quietly behind them.


Inside, an exclusive three-colour Mulliner hide layout can be commissioned in any of eight colourways, or a bespoke combination. As well as accent-coloured ‘Mulliner’ emblems embroidered on each seat, the sumptuous Mulliner Organic Comfort Quilt is applied to all seats and doors, incorporating diamond stitching in two different colours. In addition, leather that has been tanned sustainably using a by-product of the olive pressing process is deployed throughout much of the cabin.


Sleek gloss Grand Black veneers encircle the cabin, while a contrasting, diamond-milled aluminium finish is applied to the centre console. The fascia, waistrails and picnic tables, meanwhile, feature exclusive chrome overlays. Every detail has been considered, from the Mulliner clock to the Mulliner graphics in the driver’s information panel, down to the Mulliner deep pile overmats at your feet. Even the keys are presented in a three-colour Mulliner presentation box with matching leather pouches, made in your chosen interior colours.



  • 1398x699_adapative_cruise_control.jpg
    Effortless Cruising

    The Touring Specification makes driving beyond the city limits a joy. In addition to night vision and a head-up display, it includes Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Guidance, allowing you to take your feet off the pedals and relax on the highway. Your vehicle will automatically maintain a safe distance from the car in front, and stay in the centre of its lane. Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control is also included, using data from the navigation system and the front-facing camera to automatically adjust your speed in response to upcoming junctions, roundabouts and even changes in the speed limit – all of which helps take the effort out of long drives.

  • 1398x699_media_drive.jpg
    Manoeuvre with Ease

    Highway driving is only part of the picture. The Bentayga EWB Mulliner is fitted with a wealth of advanced driver assistance features that make urban driving easier, such as the ability to help you park. And thanks to the My Bentley Remote Park Assist feature*, there is no need for you to be at the wheel. In tight spaces where opening the door might lead to damage, you can get out before starting the parking manoeuvre and use your smartphone to control the vehicle.

    Whatever the driving situation, the latest assistance technology* is constantly at work, keeping you safe and making life easier. The vehicle can even steer for you when you are reversing with a trailer in tow.

    *All Driver Assistance features and Connected Car technology are subject to regional availability. Please contact your local Bentley retailer for full details.


  • 1398x699_MMI.jpg

    A wide range of Connected Car* features allow you to monitor, locate and control your vehicle from your smartphone. They include Online Destination Import, which lets you plan a journey on your smartphone or tablet using the My Bentley app, then seamlessly transfer that information to the car’s navigation system when you are ready to begin your journey.

    * All Driver Assistance features and Connected Car technology are subject to regional availability. Please contact your local Bentley retailer for full details.


180 MPH
Max Speed
4.5 s
0-60 mph
542 BHP
Max Power
770 NM
Max Torque



Built for a truly effortless drive, the Bentayga EWB Mulliner puts exhilarating power at your disposal. Its muscular V8 engine delivers 542 bhp (550 PS) and 770 Nm of torque, enabling you to surge from a standstill to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds). Its maximum speed is a thrilling 180 mph (290 km/h).


SUV performance can be measured in other ways, too. The vehicle has a towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes – enough to move boats, horseboxes and many other trailer loads. All-wheel drive ensures maximum traction in all road conditions, while the innovative Bentley Dynamic Ride delivers enhanced stability and comfort without compromising on handling. All-wheel steering, meanwhile, delivers a twin benefit: smooth, comfortable lane changes when travelling at high speed, plus a small turning circle and effortless manoeuvrability when moving more slowly in the city.


For those who wish to take their vehicle beyond the road, the optional All-Terrain Specification adds four additional off-road settings, allowing you to travel comfortably and safely, wherever you need to go.



Express your individuality

There are 16 standard exterior finishes to choose from – a number that rises to around 60 when you also consider the solid, metallic, satin and pearlescent options in the extended Bentley and Mulliner paint ranges. The exclusive 22” Mulliner wheels are available in a choice of three different finishes – and you can even replace most of the chrome detailing with gloss black, by selecting the Mulliner Blackline Specification.


Inside, you can choose from eight colourways for the three-colour Mulliner layout, with the option to forego them all in favour of a Mulliner bespoke interior – a colour scheme chosen by you, based on any of the available colours.



If you would like an alternative to the Grand Black veneers fitted as standard, you can choose from Bentley’s entire range of high-gloss and open-pore wood veneers, as well as a range of technical finishes including carbon fibre and diamond-brushed aluminium.


Beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder, however. That’s why, as with every Bentley, you have the option to engage with Mulliner’s personal commissioning team, either to add established Mulliner features and finishes from the Personal Commissioning Guide, or to work with the team directly in the creation of something truly bespoke. With Mulliner, the only limit is your imagination.


The Engine

The Bentayga EWB Mulliner is equipped with a 4.0 litre V8 petrol engine, for smooth, effortless acceleration.

500x500-EWB Engine_v03.png V8
Max Power 542 BHP @ 5750 - 6000 RPM
Max Torque 568 lb-ft @ 2000- 4500 RPM
Engine Capacity 3996 cc
Fuel Type Petrol (RON95)
Acceleration 0 - 60 mph in 4.5 seconds
Max Speed 180 mph
NEDC drive cycle
Combined Fuel Economy 23.5 mpg
Urban Fuel Economy 17.1 mpg
Extra Urban Fuel Economy 30.4 mpg
Combined Fuel Economy 22.1 mpg
Extra High Fuel Economy 24.8 mpg
High Fuel Economy 26.7 mpg
Medium Fuel Economy 21.7 mpg
Low Fuel Economy 13.1 mpg
Driving Range 413.0 miles
City Driving 14.0 mpg (US)
Highway Driving 21.0 mpg (US)
Combined 16.0 mpg (US)
Weights and Volumes
Unladen Weight (Region2) 5567 lb
Boot Volume 13.42 cu-ft
Fuel Tank Capacity 18.7 gallons
Fuel Tank Capacity (US) 22.45 US gallons
Overall Length 208.9 in
Width Across Mirrors 87.48 in
Overall Height 68.46 in
Wheelbase 125.0 in
Max Power 550 PS / 404 kW @ 5750 - 6000 RPM
Max Torque 770 Nm @ 2000- 4500 RPM
Engine Capacity 3996 cc
Fuel Type Petrol (RON95)
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h 4.6 seconds
Max Speed 290 km/h
NEDC drive cycle
Combined CO2 272.0 g/km
Combined Fuel Economy 12.0 l/100 km
Urban Fuel Economy 16.5 l/100 km
Extra Urban Fuel Economy 9.3 l/100 km
Combined CO2 296.0 g/km
Combined Fuel Economy 12.8 l/100 km
Extra High Fuel Economy 11.4 l/100 km
High Fuel Economy 10.6 l/100 km
Medium Fuel Economy 13.0 l/100 km
Low Fuel Economy 21.5 l/100 km
Driving Range 664.0 km
City Driving 14.0 mpg (US)
Highway Driving 21.0 mpg (US)
Combined 16.0 mpg (US)
Weights and Volumes
Unladen Weight (Region1) 2520 kg
Unladen Weight (Region2) 2525 kg
Boot Volume 380 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity 85 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity (US) 22.45 US gallons
Overall Length 5305 mm
Width Across Mirrors 2222 mm
Overall Height 1739 mm
Wheelbase 3175 mm
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