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Mulliner Features


Mulliner combines innovative materials and technologies with sustainable design to create some of the most remarkable automotive features available anywhere. As a result, when you commission any Bentley, you have an enormous opportunity to enhance your car. From special finishes and colour schemes to beautifully crafted interior and exterior features, Bentley Mulliner opens up a whole new world of craftsmanship.

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The textures, colours and materials you select can give your car a truly unique character – especially when you consider options from Mulliner’s range of exquisite finishes. You can choose from a range that includes Stone Veneers, Painted Piano Veneers and Pinstripe Veneers in different patterns. You can even elect to add gleaming precious metals to your Bentley’s interior.

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Mulliner offers a breathtaking range of optional features. Designed to take your Bentley to the next level of luxury, they represent the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship. Exterior features you can commission include wheels and bodykits with bespoke paint finishes that can complement or contrast with your car’s exterior colour. Luxury Bentley interior options, meanwhile, include sustainable wool Tweed panels and Mulliner Deep Pile Mats, for an unrivalled sense of comfort and decadence.

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Creative use of colour can transform both the exterior of your Bentley and its interior space. It can deliver extra definition, new layers of detail, or drastically change the impression your car makes. With Mulliner, you can apply colour to almost any visible part of your car – especially inside, where stitching, lambswool rugs, carpet binding and the leather hides themselves can all be commissioned to match any colour sample you provide.



There is no better way to put your personal stamp on your Bentley than to literally add your name to it. That’s why there are many parts of your car on which Mulliner can emblazon your company logo, family coat of arms or any combination of text and imagery that represents you. Options for placement include the embroidery on the seats, the treadplates you step over as you get into your car, the beam of the LED Welcome Lamps and chrome overlays that can be added to the interior veneers.

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This range of optional features crafted ‘By Mulliner’ includes some of the most popular features and finishes ever created for Bentley cars. They include the Mulliner Console Bottle Cooler, Paint by Mulliner, Hand Cross Stitching by Mulliner, Contrast Seatbelts by Mulliner and the Mulliner Colour Specification. Available to explore today in the Bentley Configurator, every one has been designed to take the specification of your Bentley to the next level.

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