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Mulliner Coachbuilt


Mulliner Coachbuilt cars combine an incredibly wide range of rare artisanal skills with modern sustainable design and cutting-edge innovation, to deliver a service no other car manufacturer can match. As a result, Mulliner can create truly wondrous coachbuilt Bentleys. Not only do they exceed the unique demands of those who commission them, but they also set new standards in luxury design. In some cases, Mulliner creates a very limited, exclusive production run of vehicles that customers can tailor to their personal tastes. In others, the result is a single vehicle, built from the ground up to be truly unique.

For enquiries about coachbuilt cars, you can speak directly to a Bentley brand advisor by calling +44 (0) 1270 653 653.


Announced in 2020, the breathtaking Bentley Mulliner Bacalar marked Mulliner’s return to the forefront of modern coachbuilding. In both design and choice of materials, it took inspiration from Bentley’s centenary concept car, the EXP 100 GT. A powerful, modern car built to evoke the thrill of driving the roofless barchetta racing cars of yesteryear, the Bacalar featured an uprated version of Bentley’s phenomenal 6.0 litre, twin-turbocharged W12 engine. Only 12 cars were built – every one unique in its materials, colours and specification – and all were sold before production began.

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Created to mark the 50th anniversary of The Queen’s accession to the British throne, Her Majesty the Queen’s State Limousine is an extended-wheelbase version of the classic Bentley Arnage. Lengthening the wheelbase was just the beginning, however. It is wider than the original production Arnage and the roof is higher, to make it easier for Her Majesty to get in and out in a comfortable, dignified manner. To that end, the doors are hinged at the rear and able to open through a full 90 degrees. Significant safeguarding additions were also made – vital to protect all the car’s occupants.

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