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Harper's Bazaar

Bentley Motors prides itself on a small number of elite partnerships with other best-of-category luxury brands. To this end, it is delighted to announce the continuation of its partnership with luxury fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, which runs into a third successful year.

For the appreciative art lover the new edition’s narrative centres on the remarkable and relentless achievements of the top 25 women in modern day art. This irresistible ‘Bazaar Art Power List’ can be enjoyed on multiple platforms: via the Bazaar ART Supplement in Harper’s Bazaar magazine, through our complementary Bazaar ART online hub, where a wealth of other fashionable – and fascinating – Bentley content is waiting to be discovered, and, of course through social channels.

This iconic, yet intuitively modern magazine continues to be highly influential through its appeal to, and constant engagement with, a powerful and stylish female audience. A perfect exemplar is the Bentley advertorial in the Bazaar ART Supplement, which places the lens of ‘new perspective’ over both the innovative design of Bentley’s extraordinary SUV and the timeless innovation of our world of extraordinary artists.

A shared ability to continuously look at the world ‘through new eyes’.

Watch the Harpers Bazaar guide to art collecting, presented in association with Bentley, here.