Bentayga Hybrid parked outside a modern luxury design house using the Bentley x Starck Power Dock

Bentley x Starck - an extraordinary collaboration

Every Bentley is the result of a unique collaborative process between designers, engineers and craftspeople. And this spirit of working together to create the incredible extends far beyond our factory walls.

In the development of Bentley’s first hybrid-electric vehicle, Bentayga Hybrid*, Bentley has teamed up with one of the world’s foremost creators, Philippe Starck. Globally renowned for his uncompromising vision, he has worked with the designers at Bentley to deliver a uniquely stylish, artistically-driven accessory for this groundbreaking new vehicle.

It’s a first for Bentley in many ways, but it’s also one more example of how a meeting of minds can create something truly unique.

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Bentley x Starck

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Bentley x Starck Power Dock

Philippe Starck is behind some of the world’s most admired design projects, from revolutionary yachts and architectural spaces to iconic furniture and digital products. And now he has collaborated with Bentley to create the soon-to-be-launched Bentley x Starck Power Dock: a unique recharging unit for Bentayga Hybrid*. Designed for use in a garage or carport, it will enable Bentayga Hybrid drivers to keep their car’s battery at full charge whenever they park it at home. Characterised by its timeless yet progressive aesthetic, the dock represents a perfect example of Bentley’s unrivalled craftsmanship and Starck’s visionary design.

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Bentley design from a Bentley driver

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Forward thinking design

Throughout his career, Philippe Starck has always been conscious of materials and how their use impacts the world around him. Therefore, the Bentley x Starck Power Dock features a surround formed from pressed eco-linen with bio-sourced thermosetting resin. While its smooth domed face has been designed using hot-pressure aluminium casting.

For Bentley and Starck, recharging units like this – soon to become a standard feature in homes around the world – are far more than just functional objects. They are opportunities to improve the entire experience of ownership, by creating something that is unique and elegant, rather than simply practical. And like everything from Bentley, it represents an opportunity to own something truly exceptional.

You can learn more about Philippe Starck here.

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Iconic design takes time, and the Bentley x Starck Power Dock will only be available to own after the launch of Bentayga Hybrid. In the meantime, please register for updates here, to ensure you’re kept informed as this exciting project develops. 

*Bentayga Hybrid is not yet available to order. It will become available to order in selected markets in 2019. Please contact your retailer for further information.