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Being Extraordinary

From collaborations with remarkable people to groundbreaking technological achievements like its interactive image of the Golden Gate Bridge, Bentley pushes boundaries every day.

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On Wednesday 9th September 2015, Bentley hosted an influential dinner in London, with the sole aim of sparking a global discussion about what it means to be extraordinary. Held at Maison Assouline – a historic and beautiful venue in London’s Piccadilly – it included a 12-course tasting menu from three-Michelin Star chef Guy Martin, with the conversation supplied by some of the world’s most influential people.

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Guests were hand-picked from the worlds of art, fashion, music, sport and business. They included MTV founder Bill Roedy, a leading voice in the global fight against HIV, alongside Greg Williams, BAFTA’s official photographer and the explorer, Levinson Wood. From art and creativity to science and technology, this illustrious group shared inspirational thoughts about what the concept of ‘extraordinary’ means to them.

Wolfgang Dürheimer, Bentley’s chairman, concluded the discussion with the words: “Times change. Technology changes. Society changes. But I believe that the idea of ‘extraordinary’ – and that which makes a person extraordinary – stays the same.”

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Less than a mile away, the Twitter hashtag #BeExtraordinary was beamed onto iconic buildings in London, starting with the iconic OXO Tower on the South Bank of the River Thames. The words could be seen from both sides of the river and from the bridges on either side. In the weeks that followed, it appeared in the some of the world’s busiest cities, spreading the word across the globe. From Moscow and Dubai to New York and Shanghai, #BeExtraordinary provoked curiosity and discussion wherever it appeared.

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Bentley will always endeavour to explore the limits of luxury, power and craftsmanship. Whether it is creating groundbreaking cars, bringing together the world’s most insightful thinkers or creating photography that changes the way people look at the most striking urban landscapes, the company will never rest in its quest to be extraordinary.