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Be Extraordinary


An appreciation of detail
This could be considered something of a Bentley philosophy. From the moment the first Bentley engine roared into life in 1919, the company has explored the limits of power, performance and craftsmanship. Throughout that time, it has been shaped by the efforts of remarkable people – from W.O. Bentley himself and the original Bentley Boys to the company’s customers, designers and engineers today.

Bentley has once again pushed the boundaries of landscape photography with a new gigapixel image. The same team – and their groundbreaking production techniques – have been inspired to capture an even richer, and more detailed gigapixel image. Now, a new city is ready to be explored, and within it, a different Bentley to be admired – the new Flying Spur.

An exploration of luxury
Taken from a vantage point a thousand feet above the streets of Dubai, the panorama photo shows the exquisite Bentley Flying Spur, parked in a busy marina. This car can also be explored in greater detail – both inside and out – through an in-depth, interactive 360° video. The new gigapixel is an even larger image than the San Francisco original – comprising 1,825 separate images and totalling 57.7 billion pixels. It allows you to explore more freely than before – taking in even more of the extraordinary car, and even more of the city in which the image is set.

Taking extraordinary to new heights
Capturing such a remarkable image posed numerous technical challenges. Heat, for example, can play havoc with sensitive electrical equipment – and the heat haze caused by the 40°C temperature can interfere with photographing a subject sharply from distance. The wind speed on the Dubai rooftops averaged 15mph – enough to risk subtle movements in cameras and mounts that had to make pre-programmed, millimetre-perfect adjustments to their positions throughout each shoot day.

These obstacles were eventually overcome – and one of the most extrarordinary car photographs in the world is now here to discover.

Explore the new gigapixel image here.