Kazakhstan welcomes new Bentley dealership

Bentley will soon be officially represented in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The new dealership is the latest evidence of the growing demand for Bentley’s worldwide, far beyond the company’s traditional markets.

The new Bentley Almaty dealership will be operated by Premier Auto LLC with the official opening in Suyunbai Street 100, Almaty, scheduled for mid 2010.

Premier Metro Group’s other business interests encompass distribution and retail of luxury goods such as watches, jewellery, high-end mobile phones as well as fine wines.

Michael Mayer, Bentley Motors’ Regional Director for Europe and UK commented: “Since the launch of the Bentley Continental family we have welcomed a new breed of entrepreneurs to the brand, especially in fast-developing economies such as Kazakhstan. Undoubtedly the power, performance and luxury of our models are a key part of this success but so too is the authenticity of the Bentley name. We look forward to working with Premier Metro Group, whose understanding of the luxury market in Kazakhstan makes them the ideal partners for us in this exciting country.”