Bentley and the Environment

Bentley’s contribution to global CO2 levels may be small but neither the company or its customers are immune from environmental pressures.

Bentley was the first manufacturer in the high luxury vehicle sector to set out a clear environmental strategy for reducing emissions. Part of this was to focus on new powertrains that improve fuel economy.

This saw the recent introduction of the V8 engine family, achieving outstanding levels of fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions for the luxury performance sector, and capable of travelling over 500 miles (800 km) on a single tank of fuel. The arrival of the engine family fulfilled Bentley’s environmental commitment to produce a new powertrain that delivers a 40 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions. 

As a responsible business and employer, Bentley has also paid close attention to the environmental impact of the Crewe factory and has put in place a clear strategy to reduce the impact of its site on the environment.

Bentley site environmental initiatives include:
•Traffic minimisation in the Pyms Lane area. The company’s award winning ‘green-travel ‘policy incentivised alternatives to driving to work as the single occupancy of a private car, such as walking, cycling and car sharing.
•Solar panels. The company recently installed the UK’s largest roof mounted solar panel system with over 20,000 panels.  It is anticipated that at peak generation times, the system will produce up to 40 per cent of Bentley’s energy requirements and reduce CO2 usage by over 2,500 tonnes per year.