Tibaldi For Bentley

Beautiful Bentley writing implements from one of the world’s most respected manufacturers, all inspired by the design language of Bentley cars.

There could be no more natural partner for a car marque famous for its time-honoured design lines than a company widely believed to be the finest maker of writing implements in the world.

Often described as the world’s best proponent of writing devices, Tibaldi has been working with Bentley since 2007. In that time, the company has faithfully translated the Bentley engineering ethos into an exceptional range of writing instruments.
Distinctive features such as Bentley’s switchgear knurling adorn Tibaldi for Bentley pens, while the Bentley typeface down the engraved retaining clip on the cap is exactly the same as the one found atop the cam covers on a Bentley engine.

There is now a wide range of remarkable Tibaldi for Bentley pens, each one reflecting the design, finish and choice of materials that characterise Bentley’s cars. Nowhere in the world will you find a more fitting writing instrument for a Bentley driver.

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