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Extraordinary Heritage

An Extraordinary Journey

In 1919, it was Walter Owen (W.O.) Bentley’s genius that kick-started this iconic marque. He set out to make ‘a fast car, a good car, the best in its class.’ From this clear-sighted vision he created an extraordinary company that attracted visionaries, heroes of motorsport, adventurers and entrepreneurs from around the world. People with spirit, people with drive, people with imagination – people like you. You can meet some of them here.

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Over 100 years of dreams, realised

This is Bentley’s history. It is also the story of everyone who ever dreamt of owning the best cars in the world; who dreamt of taking the chequered flag at Le Mans or arriving in style at the finest hotels in the world. And it is your story too, because the extraordinary always attracts the extraordinary. Read more of our extraordinary story here.

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Competition: tried and tested (to the limit) on the track

At the beating heart of our brand is the idea of competition. Of winning. In his youth, W.O. Bentley competed on two and four wheels long before he created the automotive company that we know today. He used his experience on the track to inform his understanding of engineering pushed to its absolute limits. This dedication attracted like-minded people who helped to realise a common purpose – to achieve something extraordinary. You can find out more about W.O. and his extraordinary vision here.

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A Racing Green thread

The ideas forged on the track and roads way back still hold true today. Bentley’s competitive fire was rekindled in 2002 with a successful return to Le Mans. Today it burns brighter still, a British Racing Green thread connecting the oldest Bentley that proved itself in the toughest competitions to the latest Continental GT3.

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Intellect: balancing Luxury & Performance

Bentley is driven by the idea that that luxury and performance are complementary, not irreconcilable opposites. An irresistible combination. As well as Bentley engineering impressive high performance cars for the track, the marque has always focused on creating exquisite and luxurious handcrafted interiors for its road cars. This unique combination is at the heart of what Bentley is today, which you can see clearly when the Continental GT3 roars around Le Mans or a Continental GT3-R cruises down the street. See how our craftsmen and women create cars with a passion for precision.

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Relentlessly driven by curiosity

Every Bentley is designed and tested to the limit. Each model performs effortlessly in extreme climates, far beyond anything you could ever demand from it. It requires a combination of visionary thinking and innovative technology to achieve this – and a mindset that never takes ‘no’ for an answer.

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Prosperity: redefining Luxury

Our design ethos and language is not limited to the automotive world. Again and again, we redefine luxury, demonstrating real craftsmanship and exploring innovative design, materials and processes with an eye on the future.

Wherever our winged ‘B’ emblem appears, it is an endorsement of style, functionality and true exclusivity. As a result, Bentley is renowned as more than simply a maker of luxury vehicles. Our reputation for extraordinary craftsmanship, attention to detail and design flair is appreciated the world over.

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Exhilaration: no compromise, no limits

It is no secret: Bentley owners not only accept the challenges that life sets them, they thrive on them. Delight in them. Live for them. But more than this, they continually challenge themselves in the same way we do. We understand that living without compromise is not only rewarding, but also life-affirming.

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Discovery: a never-ending journey

Not every Bentley is designed for the racetrack – but every Bentley can make the heart race.

Our journey started 100 years ago and continues today in the spirit we began. We are constantly exploring innovative materials and new engineering ideas, discovering new and more effective ways to do things. We are always looking for better – asking ‘what if?’ and thinking about how our heritage links our past, present and future owners – always driving towards the extraordinary.

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