A V8 for the 21st Century.

When developing the engine for the Bentley Mulsanne, our engineers set themselves three challenges. First, the engine needed to produce effortless torque from extremely low revs. Secondly, it should maintain the highest levels of refinement at any speed. Thirdly, and of equal importance, it would need to satisfy strict environmental emissions standards for years to come. Challenge accepted.

While other powertrain configurations were considered by the Mulsanne engineers, it became clear that these targets, along with the massive torque that is such a trademark of every grand Bentley, could be best achieved with a V8 engine.
Every major component from the forged crankshaft to the pistons to the connecting rods are now designed to be light and strong to reduce internal loads and friction for even better engine response. To achieve a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions plus improved refinement and torque, the Bentley Mulsanne’s V8 sees the introduction of two revolutionary control systems: Cam Phasing and, a first for the flagship motoring sector, Variable Displacement.

The pioneering use of these two technologies in combination allows the engine management system to adjust the V8’s breathing, thereby improving idle quality and increasing torque from low revs. The overall result is an improvement in fuel economy and CO2 emissions of up to 15 percent. Not to mention that massive 1020 Nm of torque. Challenge, well and truly met.