Engineering Passion

Effortless power. Impeccably delivered.

Immense power and instantly available relentless torque are the hallmarks of every Bentley. Anyone who has experienced the effortless acceleration that arrives regardless of engine speed or gear selection will know just how astonishing the effect can be. Of course, Bentleys are not just capable of great speeds and impressive acceleration. They are also renowned for their impeccable levels of refinement, whether rolling quietly through town or racing across continents.

For over 50 years Bentleys have been powered by exceptional V8 engines. The Bentley Mulsanne is no exception. Under its bonnet lies a twin-turbocharged 6¾-litre V8 engine that delivers the extreme levels of performance expected of it without sacrificing the graceful, refined power that a Bentley is renowned for.

In the Mulsanne, the V8 develops 512 PS (505 bhp/377 kW) while the massive torque (1020 Nm/712 lb ft) is now delivered at 1750 rpm. This dramatic ability to provide maximum torque from just above idle and right through the rev range ensures that with a mere tap of the accelerator you are immediately rewarded with that characteristic deep, muffled V8 burble and unrelenting acceleration. These immense reserves of power and torque are complemented by an eight-speed automatic transmission and steering-wheel mounted paddleshift.

However, words alone can never do justice to the experience of driving a Bentley Mulsanne first-hand. Only slipping behind the wheel yourself can you truly appreciate the great effort that goes into making a Bentley feel effortless to drive.