Colour and Choice

Setting the tone for excellence.

It might be an interior or exterior combination that’s subtle, yet glamorous. Or maybe you prefer a sportier, eclectic look. The beauty of choosing a Bentley is that you can be as fastidious as you like. Your individual dreams are our sole concern.

The starting point in any Bentley commissioning process is choice. Lots of it. Step into the world of Bentley and you’ll find a huge selection of colours, hides, veneers and other options from which to choose. Ultimately, your individual requirements may lead you to something even more rare or exclusive. This is where our Mulliner craftspeople come in, adding their magic touch. This is the ultimate level in the commissioning process.

Our dealers are highly committed to guiding each and every customer through the commissioning process. We also encourage you to come and visit us in Crewe to gain a richer understanding. Here, you will not only meet the people who will be creating your Bentley, but you’ll gain inspiration from the colour choices that others have made as you watch the cars make their progress down the production lines.

For 2014 model year, the Bentley Mulsanne now comes with new paint colours Damson, Dark Cashmere and Portofino, and new interior hides Damson, Saffron and Brunel. For more information about paint and hide colours and choices visit the Bentley Configurator.