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Touch or Talk

A new 8” touch screen controls the new Mulsanne’s information, entertainment and vehicle systems. With the help of in-car WiFi, it provides access to online services such as music stores and 20 GB of local storage. Voice input, now supported in 25 languages, allows for complete control, without averting your eyes from the road ahead.

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A memorable experience

The new Mulsanne’s entry system supports pre-programmed configurations for multiple drivers, adjusting the car’s settings according to who takes the wheel. Radio stations, phone books, steering column, seat belt and seat settings (including front and rear ventilation and massage modes) can all be pre-programmed and stored. The result is a car that remembers your every preference.

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Constantly Connected

An in-car WiFi hotspot provides 4G connectivity, while Bluetooth® can be used to access contacts, phone calls or music on any smartphone or tablet – devices that can be safely stored out of sight during journeys, in a purpose-built, hide-lined drawer.

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Theatre of Dreams

Exclusive to the Mulsanne, the new Bentley Theatre rear-set entertainment system features two 10.4” touch screen tablets that can be deployed electrically from within the backs of the front seats. They give passengers access to many of the car’s systems, including journey and vehicle data, games, locally-stored digital music and disks in the DVD changer. In-car WiFi means that streaming of cloud-based media, video calling, internet radio and office functions are also available. The tablets can even be removed from the car and used independently.

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Unforgettable Audio

With its acoustic glazing and soundproofing, the Mulsanne delivers incredible music reproduction from its signature audio system. True audiophiles will opt for Naim™ for Bentley, however. With 20 custom-made speakers, a 2,200-Watt amplifier and eight DSP modes, it delivers an unparalleled audio experience.

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Intelligent Lights

Four new all-LED headlamps feature built-in light sensors and GPS integration, enabling them to select from four different light modes: one optimised for driving in urban areas, one for the countryside, one for the motorway and a fourth for situations where you simply need maximum illumination.