Bentley Mulsanne, performance



A leaner take on luxury

The Mulsanne benefits from a re-engineered V8 engine, providing extra range and improvements in efficiency of 13%. Yet with an 8-speed automatic transmission boasting an electronic shift interface, there is no compromise on performance: the Mulsanne is capable of 184 mph (296 km/h).


It's what's inside that counts

The effect of this refined power is striking, whether experienced from the driver’s seat or as a passenger in the back. The atmosphere remains tranquil, even as the outside world disappears in a blur.


Quality as well as velocity

While a Sport mode exists for the serious driver – complete with a steering wheel-mounted paddleshift system – it is important to note that the Mulsanne was built for more than dynamic driving. Because life is about more than the speed one can get from A to B. It’s about the quality of the driving experience and the style in which the story is written.