Bentley Mulsanne in Tungsten



Sculpted in Metal, Shaped by Air

The Mulsanne is a sight to behold. Superforming technology has created striking design lines – sweeping yet sharp, they bestow a unique aura of power and refinement.


A look like no other car

The Mulsanne’s large, inset headlamps are instantly recognisable as those of a Bentley, while remaining unique to the Mulsanne. They flank the iconic Bentley matrix grille that covers the radiator, finished in eye-catching polished stainless steel.


Unique to the Mulsanne

The alloy wheels represent yet another feature designed and crafted just for the Mulsanne. Together with their counterpart exterior details, they serve to identify a modern automotive classic.


The extra mile

Nevertheless, options to enhance the exterior do exist. The front wings can be adorned with ‘Flying B’ style wing vents as part of the Mulliner Driving Specification*, for example, while perhaps the most distinguishing addition that can be made is the trademark ‘Flying B’ radiator mascot*.

*Available as a cost option.