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Brought to life by hand

The new Mulsanne’s steel monocoque body structure is clad in superformed aluminium for fewer joins. Following assembly of the shell, each panel is primed, painted, sanded, lacquered and polished to a mirror finish by hand, the car’s sweeping lines finally coming to life.

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Lower, wider more purposeful

The new Mulsanne features sharper lines to the fenders, bonnet and boot, which combine to give the entire exterior a contemporary appearance, with the bumpers emerging seamlessly from the bodyshell. From the front, the car looks wide, low and tightly connected to the road.

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Leave admirers in your wake

At the rear, the lower corners of the bumper have been extended by 26 mm on each side, with a light catching lower valance making the car appear even closer to the road. The final detail is the striking three-dimensional Bentley ‘B’ design of the all-LED rear lamps. So you can leave a lasting impression, as you leave other drivers behind.

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All that glitters

Perhaps the most visible change in the new Mulsanne is the introduction of a wide front grille in front of the familiar Bentley matrix, featuring bright stainless steel vertical vanes. It matches the stainless steel Flying 'B' wing vents found behind each front wheel arch and the polished stainless steel exhaust tailpipes. A retractable Flying 'B' radiator mascot can be commissioned as an option, to complete the picture.


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Leading from the front

Four new all-LED headlamps are arranged in a subtly modified cluster, the lower lights moving up to align with the rims of the larger lamps. The bright chrome centre disc of each lower lamp conceals integrated washer jets, held flush to the car’s bodywork when not in use.

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Aerial Manouvres

The new Mulsanne’s sleek silhouette is free from needless clutter, not least due to a composite boot lid that conceals the antennae required for the radio, navigation and WiFi systems, eliminating the need for visible aerials anywhere on the outside of the car.