Bentley Factory Floor

Personalise Your Bentley

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A Bespoke Opportunity

The new Mulsanne Speed is crafted entirely by hand. Practically every visible element of the car can be finished to your specification. From privacy curtains to champagne coolers, there are countless examples of optional features that can add to the experience of travelling in your car.

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It's the detail that counts

Even something as simple as stitching can be taken to a new level. Contrasting colours can be used in conjunction with Bentley’s trademark diamond quilting to striking effect. Cross-stitching can also be selected; applied entirely by hand, it takes a skilled Bentley seamstress a whole week to complete one car.

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Colour that means something to you

The new Mulsanne Speed can be commissioned in any of over 100 colours – but there’s no need to stop there. In the Mulliner workshop – Bentley’s bespoke commissioning department – you can have your car painted to match any sample you provide. You can do the same with the hides and carpets inside the car. Whether it’s the stitching, the carpets or the speaker grilles, it can all be tailored to your personal taste.


Hidden Delights

For a more subtle approach to colour, Mulliner’s Hidden Delights add the accent colour of your choice to the interior of the glove box and other storage areas, just as a Savile Row tailor might add a vivid lining to a bespoke suit. Neon blues, yellows, orange or lime green can all be selected, bringing a flash of flamboyance to your chosen interior colour scheme.


A Car With Your Name On It

Your name, monogram or company logo can also be reflected in the finish of your car. It can be engraved in your Mulsanne Speed’s treadplates, which can be illuminated if you wish. It can be added as a badge, integrated into the veneers or embroidered onto the seats.

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Marquet Forces

Marquetry – the process of applying pieces of veneer in contrasting colours to create shapes or pictures in the surface – can be created to your specification. Mulliner has created numerous examples of bespoke marquetry, from commemorative emblems to detailed pictures using materials such as mother of pearl.