Mulsanne Accessories

All Mulsanne accessories are designed and crafted with as much care as the car itself, because this extraordinary automobile deserves no less. When you selected the Mulsanne, you made a visionary choice. Now choose the Bentley car accessories and extras just as wisely.

Your Style
Your Mulsanne is the quintessential expression of Bentley’s craftsmanship. And, equally, it can become the ultimate expression of your own personal style. Add Illuminated Treadplates that cast a delicate glow as you enter the cabin. Or take personalisation to a new level with your choice of wording crafted into the treadplate design. Choose a knurled Sports Gear Lever for a more sensory connection to the car. And add a Jewel Fuel Filler Cap for a hidden flourish that only a few will ever see. Perhaps the ultimate addition to any Mulsanne is the Flying B Mascot created in 1930, its gleaming wings unfurled over the bonnet as if guiding the car forward.

Your Car Comfort
It takes something rather special to enhance the comfort levels of the Mulsanne. But our Relaxation Pack achieves exactly that. It includes two Bentley branded leather luxury scatter cushions, individually trimmed to match the main hide colour of your interior, as well as two individual footrests upholstered in deep pile carpet. Should you wish, you can also extend that sumptuous finish to the footwell with Deep Pile Overmats. And our Personal Music Integration Kit gives you an effortless way to enjoy the music you love, while your phone remains stowed out of sight in a specially designed hide-lined drawer.

Your Journey
Your Mulsanne will transport you to extraordinary places. We can ensure you’re prepared for whatever you encounter along the way. When you’re travelling in wintry climes, the ingenious AutoSock® gives your tyres extra grip and stability, while our Spikes-Spider© Snow Chains provide more sustained traction. Should the heavens open, our Umbrella Stowage, cleverly integrated into the underside of the luggage compartment lid, stores two telescopic umbrellas. And if darkness has fallen by the time you arrive, a Jewelled Torch, easily charged in the Mulsanne’s cigar lighter, will light your path in style with a Bentley ‘B’ etched on its lens.

Your Essentials
It goes without saying that you’ll want to keep your Mulsanne as perfect as the day it was made. And we have everything you need to do so. Our indoor and Outdoor Car Covers are custom-stitched to the unique contours of the Mulsanne, and have the Bentley logo displayed across the bonnet. You can also have the model name, or any other text of your choosing, embroidered on both sides. When storing your Mulsanne for any length of time, Tyre Cradles offer maximum protection against flat spotting, while our Battery Charger maintains your battery at its optimum level.

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