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The Flying Spur Range

The Bentley Flying Spur is extraordinary amongst luxury cars – a Bentley for those that appreciate how the smallest things can make the biggest difference.
Every detail is given equal attention – inside, outside and under the bonnet. Enjoy the unparalleled luxury you demand from a Bentley, with the kind of startling acceleration and ride handling previously unheard of in the super-luxury sedan category. All captured in three distinctly different models –  the Flying Spur, the new  Flying Spur V8 S, and Flying Spur V8.

A Performance Luxury Sedan
It is a thrilling performance car but is still unmistakably a luxury sedan – one that takes more than 130 hours to build. Which is why you’ll also appreciate the countless other thoughtful little differences in craftsmanship, engineering, design and technology. Features like the all wheel drive offering dynamic driving with more traction in all conditions; or the 25 hours it takes to hand-stitch the contrast stitching in the cabin; the 74 carefully selected LEDs in each headlight; the gearshift paddles for a more sporting feel; or the innovative engineering that gives the W12 engine even better range and economy.

Designed to Win Hearts and Minds
On the street, Flying Spur projects a contemporary, sporting look with crisp lines and a low roof that is always eye-catching yet always retains the appropriate level of sophistication. Inside, the modern interiors are handcrafted with darker veneer choices for a contemporary look. As you can see, all these elements combine seamlessly to create a car that is far, far more than the sum of its many high quality parts. Which is what makes the Flying Spur the world’s finest luxury sedan.

Introducing the Flying Spur V8 S
We’ve added another facet to the Flying Spur range in 2016, for those looking for an even more agile and exciting drive. The new Flying Spur V8 S adds an enhanced sporting edge and a superbly responsive model to the range. The Flying Spur V8 S is where power and performance meet precision and panache.
It completes the line up alongside the agile Flying Spur V8 and the most luxurious Flying Spur.

A Design for Life
Whichever model you choose from the range, Flying Spur will fit right into every aspect of your life – whether you’re travelling for business in the city or enjoying a leisurely drive on the open road or an escape-to-the-country weekend. The cabin is spacious and extremely comfortable with rear seat entertainment that will keep everyone occupied for the length of the journey. The large boot means you can easily pack your golf clubs and all the luggage you need for a weekend away.

Never Compromise
Take a closer look at the Flying Spur and you will discover a car that is built without compromise. Immerse yourself in every curve, every hand-stitched leather seam, every deeply polished lacquered wood veneer, every finely-milled millimetre of knurling. It’s these many small details that make every feature an experience to savour. Choose the Flying Spur and you will appreciate the difference with all of your senses.