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Your Bentley is the ultimate reward and the range of features from Bentley Accessories can help to create a truly unique ownership experience.

Developed by the same designers and engineers that worked on your original model, every item has been crafted to complement the existing styling cues of your vehicle whilst offering a way to create a world that is exclusively yours.

Every Bentley offers a unique combination of sporting character and impeccable style and
Bentley Accessories have been designed to enhance this exclusive Bentley Experience. 

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Service, Maintenance And Repair


Our worldwide network of authorised Bentley dealers are trained to support all your servicing and repair needs.

Our factory-trained technicians use the very latest diagnostic equipment and will bestow your Bentley with the uncompromising standard of skill and attention to detail you’d expect. Only they can truly understand the intricate components and systems of your Bentley.

All Bentley servicing and repair work is carried out using genuine Bentley parts, sourced by a dedicated team at Crewe, UK. Commitment to the on-going quality of these components is illustrated by the comprehensive warranty offered on all components purchased via the Authorised Bentley Dealer Network.

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Heritage Support

From the very first win at Le Mans in 1924, our heritage is extremely important. We are proud of our commitment to continue to support all Bentley and Crewe-built models built from 1955-2002.

It should be of no surprise that over 80% of all Bentley and Crewe-built Rolls-Royce models ever built are still in use today and since many of these become Collector’s favourites, it is important to maintain the pedigree of the vehicle.

For all of these models, Bentley have an extensive range of genuine parts available, each one manufactured to the same specification as the original. Designed to work with in conjunction with other systems in the vehicle, each part will help to ensure the on-going performance and condition of your car.

Crewe Genuine Parts, developed for Crewe-built Rolls-Royce models, together with Genuine Bentley Parts both offer the same high level of functionality and quality as the original and will help to keep your vehicle functioning perfectly and its heritage pure.

With over 55,000 Bentley and Crewe Genuine parts in stock at Crewe insist on only using genuine parts during your next service or repair. 

Bentley Finance

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Bentley Financial Services

Bentley cars are created with incredible accuracy and special attention to detail. When you choose your favourite model, you will discover the rich choice of exclusive options that emphasise the individuality of your future car and please your refined taste. However, the personalisation of your car is not the end of the story: our Bentley Financial Services employees are ready to propose a whole spectrum of unique services to make you feel as free in you financial choices as you do while driving your new Bentley.

You will notice that we carefully craft our propositions, just as we do our technologies, and give you the opportunity to buy or lease your car on special personalised terms. Bentley Financial Services experts will assist you with Bentley financial programmes, and your personal consultant will introduce you to all of the options -  based on your preferences. The satisfaction of our clients is very important to us:  that's why we don't limit ourselves to great quality and high level of production in creating our cars, but also in our offered Financial Services.

We will propose to you a programme which allows individual financial decisions and a personal approach, with maximum comfort and confidentiality.

Propositions can differ depending on the region. For additional information you can contact your Bentley retailer. Bentley Financial Services in Russia are operated in partnership with Rusfinans Bank LTD.

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