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Bentley Home furniture including a long Sofa with coffee table and couches inside a beachside villa

Bentley Home

Harmonious by design

Bentley design knows no limits – and with the Bentley Home range of furnishings, you can experience the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, both inside and outside your home. A long-running collaboration between Bentley’s design team and Luxury Living Group, Bentley Home offers a collection of stunning pieces, each one inspired by the flowing lines of Bentley’s cars.

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Two Bentley interior designers working on materials for Bentley Home

A meeting of minds

Bentley Home brings together sustainable materials and expert craftmanship in the creation of finely crafted homeware. Just like Bentley cars, each piece is a perfect embodiment of elegance, embracing innovation and timeless, transformative luxury. 


By carefully considering its choice of materials, Bentley Home ensures that the Bentley brand’s commitment to sustainability remains integral to the development of each collection. As part of its continuing exploration into the latest production technologies, for example, Bentley Home has recently worked with Paper Factor® to create a sustainable, marble-effect tabletop – just one example of the team’s constant focus on innovation.

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Bentley Home 2024 collection

The 2024 collection

For 2024, Bentley Home has introduced a stunning range of new furniture for the home or office, continuing the collaboration established between the Bentley Motors design team and its expert partners.


Modular, geometric designs come together with beautifully bevelled edges and contoured shapes, in a collection that lets the elegance truly flow. From Federico Peri, the Loftus sofa features floating cushions, plus integrated side tables available in marble or covered in/with leather. In reference to the interior design of Bentley’s cars, the back of the sofa has been finished with an open-pore wood veneer.

Carlo Colombo has created the Chilton armchair and chair, both of which are characterised by veneer bands in a leather shell, while his Langport bed sports external panels that can be veneered or crafted in a wide range of materials, including sustainable leather and numerous fabrics.


From Francesco Forcellini, meanwhile, come two pieces that are perfect for a home office The Bollington office armchair features a minimalist backrest that flows into the armrests to reflect the organic nature of Bentley’s car designs. The matching Wilton desk, meanwhile, features a stunning degradé finish. Showcased at the 2024 Milan Design Week in a combination of Liquid Amber and Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore, it offers enormous scope for personalisation through your choice of finishes – just like every Bentley car.


The entire collection has been created for flexible living, allowing you to socialise, relax, and work seamlessly in the same spaces. It all adds up to a truly holistic approach to luxury living. 

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Meet the maker Carlo Colombo

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The 2023 collection
The Solstice collection
The Galloway collection

For the 2023 Milan Design Week, Bentley Home revealed a seven-strong collection at the Bentley Home Atelier, in the historical Palazzo Chiesa.


In addition to the marble-effect coffee table created with Paper Factor®, Milan-based designer Federico Peri created the Camden dining table, with its suspension-inspired legs, and the Dalston console table, inspired by the front view of a Bentley car. Peri was also responsible for the Thames coffee table and side table, which feature an atoll-like design. Carlo Colombo, meanwhile, created the Bayton sofa and armchair, which each combine a fine wooden frame and beautifully proportioned curves with streamlined, tightly fitted upholstery.


Rounding off the collection, the Brixton bed features a double headboard available with a choice of natural wood or lacquered veneers and an optional integrated reading light. Beautiful and functional, it exemplifies the beauty and attention to detail on show throughout the 2023 collection. 

With Bentley Home’s first outdoor collection, Solstice, you can transform your outside space – and enjoy all the luxury of Bentley craftsmanship in the open air. It includes an elegant sofa, armchair and pouf in a choice of fabrics such as specially protected velvet, chenille and satin. The Colwyn hemp option is cultivated without chemicals, while the exclusive MARM \ MORE® fabric is made from waste marble powder, for a further sustainable option. The coffee table and side table feature polished marble tops, while the sleek sunbed is lightweight and comfortable, making it perfect for gardens, terraces and poolsides. And like every piece in the Solstice collection, they feature the stunning super-mirror grille, its gleaming surface inspired by the matrix grille that adorns Bentley’s cars.
Prepare to relax in unrivalled style. Leading this season’s indoor collection are the luxurious Galloway Sofa, Bench and Chaise Longue. Their silhouettes feature elegant folds and tapering thicknesses, while their smooth, rounded armrests and backrests can be commissioned in high or low versions. They can be finished in a choice of veneers including Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore, Smoked Liquid Amber or Burr Walnut Briar Root. Further options include gloss or brushed finishing, alongside Degrade Lacquer and Metal Lacquer effects. Seating has never looked so good.
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Exquisite finishing touches

As well as larger furniture, Bentley Home offers a wide range of smaller pieces with the power to elevate a room. The first circular pouf in the collection, the Ryde Ottoman represents an ideal finishing touch for a lounge, bedroom, or office. Other stunning pieces include the Murano glass Ramsey lamps, which can be commissioned in either Gun-Metal Grey steel with a Black Marquina marble base, or Champagne steel with a Calacatta marble base. The Stirling mirror, meanwhile, is available in either fume or bronze, while a bespoke silver alloy option is also available, harking back to the artisan glasswork techniques of the mid-20th Century. Consider it the ultimate in interior craft.

Grey stone finishing for floors and walls in Bentley Home.
Interior of Bentley Home, overlooking residential appartments   featuring bespoke wall,flooring and upholstery.

Furnished by Bentley Home

Furnished by Bentley Home enables developers creating luxury commercial or residential spaces to commission truly unique interiors with Bentley Home's own design team - and as you might expect from Bentley, the opportunities for creativity and customisation are virtually limitless.


It all starts with Bentley Home's extensive range of furnishings, covering everything from sumptuous sofas to statement dining tables. But with Furnished by Bentley Home, the products are just the beginning. Many items can be enhanced based on your personal preferences, often using natural materials such as leather, wood or stone. Bespoke Bentley wall finishes, flooring and upholstery are available to compliment your choice of furniture, resulting in a stunning harmonious design for your entire interior space.


Throughout the process, you will have to access to expert design advice, from the first floorplan to the final flourish. It's all part of a service created to help you realise the potential of Bentley Home.