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Continental GT V8 Convertible

With its dominant bonnet line, prominent matrix grille and twin large inner headlamps the Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible combines the refined luxury for which Bentley is famous with the exhilaration of a powerful, convertible grand tourer.

To simply call this car a convertible understates its capability. It is both a sensational open tourer when the weather permits and a supremely comfortable year-round drive, as acoustically and thermally well insulated as a coupé, thanks to its unique, four-layer roof.

This Bentley V8 convertible takes open-top comfort to new levels and, with the roof down, lets you enjoy the its exquisite mechanical symphony in full surround sound.

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Exterior Design

The Bentley Continental V8 Convertible looks as sleek and aerodynamic as any coupe, its four-layer electric hood complementing the Continental’s sculptural curves perfectly.

Distinguishing features include a red enamel winged ‘B’ badge to the front and rear of the car, a three-segment front bumper, ‘figure-of- eight’ tailpipes and a lip-style spoiler at the wider, more purposeful rear. At the front, an optional lower chrome grille can also be specified, to complement the main chrome matrix grille, above.

Rear cabin two tone interior of a Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible | Bentley Motors

Interior Design

The symmetrical fascia of the Bentley GT V8 Convertible was inspired by the winged ‘B’ badge, and features a 'flying buttress' centre stack and open illuminated stowage.

Inside, the front seats can be specified with an optional neck warmer feature, tempting you to enjoy open-top motoring on your way to the ski run. Choose the optional front seat ventilation system, and excess heat is drawn out of the seat backrest and cushion by silent-running fans, allowing you to experience summer sunshine while remaining cool.

Standard on the Continental GT V8 Convertible is Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus veneer, which gives the interior a fresh, contemporary look.

Alternatively, Dark Stained Madrona is available as an option, as well as eight other optional veneer and technical finishes.




Bentley’s new V8 develops a massive 660 Nm of torque at the comparatively low engine speed of 1700 rpm. It can propel the Continental GT V8 Convertible from a standing start to 60 miles an hour in just 4.7 seconds, and on to a potential top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h).


All-Wheel Drive

With permanent all-wheel drive, driving confidence is ensured at all times. Whether you're negotiating icy roads or you just want to power away from the lights quickly in the wet, the system maximises traction to ensure safe driving.

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The Continental GT V8 Convertible’s engine is astonishing, not just for what it does but also for the way it does it. The power and torque figures of 500 bhp (507 PS) and 660 Nm from 4 litres alone would indicate that the V8 is an advanced high performance engine. But take into consideration that the car’s CO2 emissions are a mere 246 g/km. Even though the engine develops a full 500 bhp (507 PS), its power to emissions ratio is unmatched in its class.


Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible front cabin with red and tan leather interior | Bentley Motors

Interior Technology

The Continental GT V8 Convertible includes an 8" high resolution screen, which provides access to an AM/FM radio and an optional Sirius satellite radio*, plus navigation, suspension adjustment and controls for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. When parking, the screen displays a graphic representation of the distance to any obstacles. Bluetooth® wireless connectivity makes it easy to pair the car with your phone to play digital music and make calls. 



Colour and Choice

The Continental GT V8 Convertible features a 20" six tri-spoke painted alloy wheel as part of the standard specification, with the option of the same design in a painted and diamond turned finish. For an even more dramatic look, there's a choice of four 21" wheels developed by the Bentley design team to accentuate the sporting character of the Continental GT V8 Convertible, in painted and polished finishes.

The roof of the car offers further opportunity for personalisation, with eight exterior colours to choose from. Inside, there are a range of hide colours to choose from, plus contrast stitching and even hand cross-stitching for the seats and outer armrests. There is a wide range of options for the headlining that adorns the inside of the roof. A wide range of ethically sourced veneers includes options from Piano Black to the swirling grain of Burr Walnut. 

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All-Weather Enjoyment

The roof of the Continental GT V8 Convertible is so well insulated that, with the top up, it’s easy to believe you’re in a coupé. With the top down, however, there are several features designed specifically to enhance the thrill of open-top grand touring.

Heated front seats are a standard feature whereas integrated neck warmers, a wind deflector and a heated steering wheel are all included in the All Seasons Specification package or as separate options, taking the chill off any cold-weather drive.

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Optional Specifications

There are several optional specification packages available, each of which gathers together collections of options for ease of commissioning. The All Seasons Specification, for example, includes neck warmers and a heated steering wheel, to take the chill off any cold-weather drive.

Technical Specifications

Performance Measures

Performance Measures


Engine Capacity

4.0 litre twin turbo-charged V8 engine

Max power

500 bhp / 507 PS / 373 kW @ 6000 rpm

Max torque

487 lb-ft / 660 Nm @ 1700 rpm

Fuel type

98 (95) RON


0 - 60 mph 4.7 seconds, 0 - 100 km/h 5.0 seconds

Max speed

187 mph / 301 km/h

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption


EU Drive Cycle Combined

25.9 mpg, 10.9 litres / 100 km

EU Drive Cycle Urban

17.8 mpg, 15.9 litres / 100 km

EU Drive Cycle Extra Urban

35.3 mpg, 8.0 litres / 100 km

EPA Drive Cycle City Driving

14 US mpg

EPA Drive Cycle Highway Driving

24 US mpg

EPA Drive Cycle Combined

17 US mpg

CO2 Emissions

254 g/km

Weights And Measures

Weights and Volumes


Kerb Weight

5445 lb / 2470 kg

Gross Vehicle Weight

6393 lb / 2900 kg

Boot Volume

9.1 cu-ft / 260 litres

Fuel Tank Capacity

20 gallons / 24 US gallons / 90 litres




Overall Length

189.7 in / 4818 mm

Width Across Mirrors

87.6 in / 2226 mm

Width With Folded Mirrors

76.7 in / 1947 mm

Overall Height

55.1 in / 1400 mm


108.1 in / 2746 mm