A grey Bentley Continental Supersports driving on a mountain road | Bentley Motors

Continental Supersports

The Continental Supersports takes the phenomenal performance, handling and speed of the first generation to new levels. The pure essence of Bentley, it is the most powerful model ever produced. Its supercar performance is the result of an astonishing 700 bhp (710 PS) harnessed with engineering innovations that include torque-vectoring developed by Bentley Motorsport.

The blistering acceleration and awe-inspiring top speed make it every inch a supercar. Bold body styling features – with carbon-fibre accents to front and rear. A large carbon-fibre rear spoiler adds to the high-performance characteristics and agile handling. The interior delivers a stunning race-inspired design in the form of a uniquely bold chequered carbon-fibre to the fascia plates, and a completely new three-tone interior colour split option. The new Continental Supersports is a rare pleasure – only a very limited number of these cars will be built.


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Body styling features a bold new front and rear bumper design with carbon-fibre accents, while distinctive carbon-fibre bonnet vents, side skirts and a rear spoiler enhance the supercar style even further, as well as adding to the car’s aerodynamic capabilities.

Full exterior Blackware on the radiator surround, light units, window surrounds, rear bumper and door handle inserts give the car a strikingly assertive look, as do the gloss black exhaust tailpipe finishes and wing vents. The brooding image is completed by dark tint front and rear lights, 21” Black and Bright Machined Lightweight Forged Sports wheels and gloss black front radiator matrix grille – the first available on this generation of W12-powered Continentals.

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Step into the cabin and you will discover an interior that continues the powerful sporting theme from outside. Unique large chequered design carbon-fibre fascia plates set the car apart, with Supersports branding on the passenger side fascia plate and on the treadplates. Supersports emblems are stitched onto the headrests, while a new diamond quilting design to the seat centres and side panels enhances the car’s distinctive look still further. The unique Supersports steering wheel and gear lever provide the finishing touches.


Dark grey Bentley Continental Supersports driving on a mountain road | Bentley Motors

The world's fastest four seater

As you would expect from the pinnacle of the Continental range, the world’s fastest four-seater is the most powerful Bentley ever produced. Inspired by the Motorsports technology developed for the GT3-R, every aspect of its exceptional engineering has been designed to deliver unprecedented responsiveness and performance.

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The new Continental Supersports is built around the most powerful W12 engine that Bentley has ever developed, now producing a remarkable 700 bhp (710 PS) and 1017 Nm of torque. It is also the fastest Bentley off the blocks, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds) to a blistering top speed of 209 mph (336 km/h), making it the fastest Bentley ever produced. Torque Vectoring by Brake combined with a reduced unsprung mass increases responsiveness through corners for a truly performance-focused drive, working with the rear-biased torque split of the permanent all-wheel drive system that sends 60% of the engine output to the rear wheels. A Titanium exhaust system enhances the sound of the engine, highlighting its supercar capabilities.*

*Available as a cost option or as part of the Supersports ‘X’ specification.
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The Key to Enhanced Performance

The enhanced performance is enabled by the newly designed, higher-capacity turbochargers and a revised charge-air cooling system, which work in tandem to create more boost and additional power. To harness this additional power, Bentley has upgraded the Supersports’ cranktrain, including new main and conrod bearings. These extensive engine revisions result in an increase of 79 bhp (80 PS) and 217 Nm (160 lb.ft.) over the first generation Supersports In simple terms, this translates into a breathtaking top speed that is five mph faster, shaving 0.3 seconds off the 0 to 60 mph time.

The Supersports also benefits from a new torque converter that locks up faster, allowing the car to make the most of the enhanced torque of 1,017 Nm (750 lb. ft.). In practical terms, it means you can accelerate from standstill more rapidly than ever. High-performance carbon ceramic brakes with enhanced cooling make all this power easily controllable. The brake discs are the largest of their type in the world, providing excellent performance with minimal fade under extreme conditions. The brakes sit behind lightweight 21” forged alloy wheels, offering a combined 25kg weight saving in unsprung mass. In total, 30kg has been stripped out of the Supersports making it the lightest-ever iteration of the current Continental GT.


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The impressive performance in the Continental Supersports has been made possible by the introduction of Torque Vectoring by Brake. First utilised on the GT3-R, this new system analyses the driver’s inputs to the accelerator and steering wheel to brake individual front and rear wheels during acceleration out of corners to deliver supercar performance. It will also brake the inside rear wheel on turning to improve the car’s agility. The Supersports features a bespoke stability control calibration –delivering a very precise chassis response.

The Torque Vectoring harmonises with the 60:40 rear bias torque distribution of Bentley all-wheel drive, to give Supersports better balance and sporting character. It sits within the Electronic Stability Control system, which brings together the antilock brakes, traction control and stability control systems, all of which have been calibrated for agility and performance.


Bentley Continental Supersports rear cabin with black, red and white leather quilted seats | Bentley Motors
Close up of a Bentley Continental Supersports interior air vent and diamond pattern veneer | Bentley Motors
Bentley Continental Supersports front cabin with diamond pattern veneer | Bentley Motors

Unique Colour and Choice

Like all Bentleys, the Supersports offers the widest choice of colours and personalisation options to allow you to create a car that is truly yours. The optional unique interior colour split adds even more visual appeal, for the first time utilising three colours. It incorporates perforated Alcantara in black, and.you can also choose an Alcantara headlining on the coupé.

Almost every element of the Supersports offers the opportunity to add your personal touch. As a result, no two cars are the same. Starting with the steering wheel, you can specify unique contrast stitching, which is continued throughout the interior, as standard. There are 11 choices of hide colours as standard along with 10 additional veneers, including Bright Tint Aluminium and satin finish carbon fibre. Other options include a massage function and ventilated seats.

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Eye Catching Details

You can also choose to add exterior options that enhance the look of the Supersports and further underscore its sporting credentials. These include Supersports side decals, along with chequered carbon-fibre side panels. Subtle additions including gloss black Lightweight Forged Sports wheels and carbon fibre gloss door mirrors add to the effect. The theme can be continued even beneath the bonnet, with a Supersports branded carbon fibre engine cover.

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This unique specification takes your Supersports look to another level. It offers 8 unique duo-tone paint treatments including Onyx with St James Red Pearlescent, Khamun, Magnetic, Ice, Hallmark, Sandstone, Burnt Orange or Spectre. Carrying the carbon fibre theme further, it includes carbon-fibre door mirrors, carbon-fibre heel plates, side door and rear panels as well as the Supersports carbon-fibre engine cover. The final touch is the Titanium exhaust that enhances the engine note underscoring the assertive character of the car.

Technical Specifications


Performance Measures


Engine Capacity

6.0 litre twin turbo-charged W12 engine

Max power

700 bhp / 710 PS / 522 kW @ 5900 rpm

Max torque

750 lb-ft / 1017 Nm @ 2000 rpm

Fuel type

98 (95) RON


0 - 60 mph 3.4 seconds, 0 - 100 km/h 3.5 seconds

Max speed

209 mph / 336 km/h


Fuel Consumption


EU Drive Cycle Combined

18.0 mpg, 15.7 litres / 100 km

EU Drive Cycle Urban

11.6 mpg, 24.3 litres / 100 km

EU Drive Cycle Extra Urban

26.4 mpg, 10.7 litres / 100 km

EPA Drive Cycle City Driving

11 US mpg

EPA Drive Cycle Highway Driving

20 US mpg

EPA Drive Cycle Combined

14 US mpg

CO2 Emissions

358 g/km

Weights and Measures

Weights and Volumes


Kerb Weight

5027 lb / 2280 kg

Gross Vehicle Weight

6063 lb / 2750 kg

Boot Volume

12.6 cu-ft / 358 litres

Fuel Tank Capacity

20 gallons / 24 US gallons / 90 litres




Overall Length

189.7 in / 4818 mm

Width Across Mirrors

87.6 in / 2226 mm

Width With Folded Mirrors

76.7 in / 1947 mm

Overall Height

54.8 in / 1391 mm


108.1 in / 2746 mm