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The Continental Range

Created for those who live for spontaneous experiences, the Continental GT is everything a grand tourer should be: eye-catching in style, exquisite in its craftsmanship and exhilarating on the open road.

The Continental GT V8 can be considered the quintessential grand tourer, while its V8 sibling, the Continental GT V8 S delivers a more agile drive and sleek sports styling. The 12-cylinder Continental GT is sophisticated and elegant, while the Continental GT Speed represents the ultimate fusion of luxury and performance. New in 2017, the Continental Supersports is the most powerful, focused road car Bentley has ever produced.

Available as a coupé or a convertible, every one of the five models combines unrivalled attention to detail with an extraordinary driving experience, making the Continental GT truly unique. 


A grey Bentley Continental Supersports driving on a mountain road | Bentley Motors


The original R-Type Continental was created to carry its occupants across whole continents, in style and at speed. Half a century later, when Bentley’s designers created the Continental GT, this ethos remained firmly in their minds. With its sleek lines, supremely powerful engine and magnificently comfortable cabin, this is a car in which every journey – whether across continents or just across town – is transformed into an exhilarating experience.

Today’s Continental GT represents a truly modern take on Bentley’s design DNA. While the styling of the headlamps and the matrix front grille offer a subtle nod to Bentley’s golden age, its clean, elegant lines mark it out as a 21st Century design classic.

The Continental GT and the Continental GT V8 feature polished chrome detailing throughout, while the more sports-focused Continental GT V8 S and the Continental GT Speed feature lowered, recalibrated suspension, with darker details replacing the chrome. The most powerful road-going Bentley ever built, the Continental Supersports, comes equipped with motorsport-inspired carbon fibre styling, inside and out.

With every model available in two body styles – a coupé for the open road and a convertible for open skies – the Continental GT represents the pinnacle of grand touring style.

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Exterior Impact

Superforming, a technique developed in the aerospace industry, is used to create the impossibly sleek curves and smooth lines that characterise the aluminium body of every Continental GT.

The powerline – a razor-sharp crease that runs along the side of the car from the front wheel arch to the rear – is a long-standing Bentley hallmark. At the front, the Bentley matrix grille is instantly recognisable, as are the jewel-like LED headlamp clusters. All around the car, sweeping lines and fine details come together to paint an exquisite picture. From the confident impression conveyed by the car’s low stance and wide front bumper, to the power and purpose evoked by the muscular haunches at the rear, the Continental GT is a clear demonstration of Bentley’s flowing design language.

Wheels can be selected from a range of 18 different designs, with six different finishes available, from 20” Six tri-spoke alloys to a limited edition black 21” Seven-spoke design. 

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Inside the cabin of every Continental GT, the highest quality natural materials are crafted by hand to achieve a uniquely exquisite finish.

The interior design themes draw subtly on the marque’s history to evoke a strikingly modern style in wood, leather and steel, not to mention custom veneer fascia finishes such as carbon fibre, turned aluminium and even stone.

Bentley’s attention to detail is unrivalled. All wood veneers, for example, are ethically sourced. Each one can be sanded and lacquered up to five times before its finish meets the Bentley standard. The design team has also placed great emphasis on practicality, including enough space in the boot for several large bags and cases, plus thoughtfully placed storage for your everyday essentials, throughout the cabin.

Every inch of every Continental GT has been designed around you. 


Dark grey Bentley Continental Supersports driving on a mountain road | Bentley Motors


Powerful, spirited yet refined, the Continental GT defines the way the modern grand tourer should drive. Whether you opt for the 4.0 litre V8 or the 6.0 litre W12 engine, its smooth, eight-speed Quickshift transmission and range of driving modes allow each model to adapt, allowing for a refined drive while cruising or a more sporting edge, when required.

Each of the two powertrains has its own distinct characteristics, however. Shared with Bentley’s GT3 race cars, the engine block of the 4.0 litre V8 unit is lighter, which means truly agile handling and taut control, not to mention the responsiveness and charismatic roar for which V8 engines are famed. The 6.0 litre W12 configuration delivers uncompromising power, essentially pairing two V6 engines side-by-side. The result is an endless surge of smooth acceleration and a sense of effortless power. 

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Every Continental GT features permanent all-wheel drive, for additional grip and traction, whatever the road conditions. The advanced Torsen system delivers power directly to all four wheels, split 60:40 in favour of the rear axle – which makes powering through corners truly exhilarating. Coupled with an Electronic Stability Control system to limit rolling on even the tightest bends, the Continental’s all-wheel drive system makes every journey sheer joy.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible, detailed specification


To improve efficiency and reduce emissions, all Continental GT models can automatically deactivate some of their cylinders, when the full power of the engine is not required.

When the engine's control microprocessor detects a light throttle opening, it closes the valves on half of the cylinders, so that they act only as gas springs. The remaining cylinders operate more efficiently, reducing the engine's frictional and gas transfer losses. As soon as the car accelerates again, the throttle opening widens and the engine switches back to full capacity instantly, with no discernible effect on performance. 


Bentley Continental Supersports front cabin with diamond pattern veneer | Bentley Motors

Experience enhancing technology

Bentley has always used technology to assist, entertain and emphasise the experience of travelling in the world’s finest luxury cars. New features are never included simply to dazzle the driver or passenger. In simple terms, if it cannot enhance the world’s most luxurious grand touring experience, it has no place in the Bentley Continental GT.

Beneath the bonnet, a suite of engineering innovations come together to deliver Bentley’s unique combination of power and refinement.

It takes 30 people 12 and a half hours to assemble the 2,600 components in every Continental GT W12 engine.

An advanced ZF 8-speed automatic transmission provides rapid, seamless gear shifts to maximise the engine’s performance at all times, while the rear-biased 60:40 torque split of the permanent all-wheel drive system provides everything you expect from the Continental: confidence in all driving conditions, without compromising the car’s famously engaging drive.

The suspension is adjustable on every model in the Continental GT range, enabling you to raise the car significantly on its wheels – invaluable in multi-storey car parks with steep inclines or on rough roads.

CGT Studio interior Close up of Satnav/MMI-screen


The Continental GT’s infotainment system has been designed to make travelling both easier and more enjoyable. It revolves around an 8" touchscreen built seamlessly into the centre console, from which all its functions can be accessed. As well as mapping, navigation and other driver assistance features, it enables you to access all your digital content in the car, with music and radio delivered via a choice of audio systems.

A 30GB hard drive is available for storage, while an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot makes it possible to download and stream cloud-based content on the move. Bluetooth makes it easy to access content stored on your digital devices, while USB charging points mean you can keep using them throughout the longest journeys. 



Every Continental GT includes a crystal clear, multi-speaker sound system that delivers rich, warm bass frequencies and sharp, detailed treble and mid-range frequencies.

For the ultimate in-car audio experience, however, the renowned Naim™ for Bentley sound system can be commissioned. Featuring custom-built Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speakers and eight individual digital sound processing modes, it is widely regarded as the world’s finest in-car sound system. Each speaker combines the functions of a separate tweeter and mid-range unit, directing the sound with incredible clarity, right across the audible spectrum. 

Side view of a red Bentley Continental GT Supersports Convertible with lowered roof | Bentley Motors
Bentley Continental Supersports front cabin with tri-tone quilted seats | Bentley Motors
Close up of a Bentley Continental Supersports interior air vent and diamond pattern veneer | Bentley Motors


For the convertible models, Bentley’s design team has introduced a range of innovative features to enhance the open-air driving experience, for both driver and passengers.

The four-layer insulated fabric hood can be raised or closed electronically at the touch of a button – a function that can be safely operated at speeds of up to 30 mph, making it easier to react to sudden changes in the weather.

The front seats feature ventilation for hot days, while an adjustable neck-warmer can be installed in each of the front seats. Even the steering wheel can be commissioned with a heating function, while an optional wind deflector enables you to savour the sensation of the wind in your hair, without the wind-chill factor. 




Like every Bentley, the Continental GT offers practically limitless opportunity for personalisation. There are a wide range of exterior paint colours to choose from, a wealth of hide colours and up to eight wood veneers to choose from, as well as more technical finishes such as carbon fibre and turned aluminium. Optional features and specification packages can also be added, while Mulliner, Bentley’s personal commissioning division, can be called on to create unique features and finishes for your car. 




Bentley offers a wide range of exterior paint finishes for the Continental GT. If you still don’t see the colour you have in mind, Bentley’s paint specialists can take any sample you care to provide and replicate it on the body of your car. Customers have brought in examples as diverse as a favourite lipstick, dress or pair of golf shoes.

Inside, there are 17 hide colours to choose from, plus ten finishes for the fascia, door panels and centre console. And once again, Mulliner can create a bespoke leather colour if required.

Even the hoods of the convertible models can be created to suit you. A choice of five exterior hood colours are available, with eight interior colours to choose from.

Whatever your taste, you can create a Continental GT that is unique to you.  

Rear passenger cabin of the Continental GT Speed Convertible with diamond quilted seats | Bentley Motors


Throughout the cabin of the Continental GT, every section of the leather – on the seats, the dash, the steering wheel and the centre console – is cut and stitched by hand. You can choose from up to 17 different hide colours, with both single and duo-tone colour schemes available. You also have the option of contrast stitching throughout, which introduces an additional thread colour for an even more personal touch.

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All Continental GT wheels are designed at the Bentley factory in Crewe, by the team responsible for the design of the entire car. The result is a wide range of alloys that perfectly suit every model, with six different finishes to choose from including polished, painted, dark tint, black, graphite and diamond-turned designs.



A number of packages of handcrafted features can be commissioned to personalise your Continental GT.

The Mulliner Driving Specification adds a wealth of sporting design touches, including drilled alloy foot pedals, Mulliner treadplates and a knurled sports gear lever, to lend your Continental GT a racetrack-inspired edge.

The Classic Specification, available for the Continental GT and GT V8 only, includes a bright chrome lower front matrix grille, veneered rear quarter panels and a matching storage case, plus a boot carpet that matches the cabin carpet.

Available for all models, the Premier Specification includes ventilated front seats with a massage function, the Naim for Bentley premium audio system, a CD changer, rear view camera, valet key and twin armrests for the front seats.

The Interior Style Specification, also available for all models, enables you to add contrast stitching or cross stitching, deep pile overmats with contrast binding and contrast binding for the boot carpets.

For the convertible models, the All Seasons Specification adds integrated neck warmers, a wind deflector and a heated steering wheel – so you can enjoy the open road with the top down, even in colder climates.

To learn more about the optional specifications available for the Continental GT, click here to find your nearest retailer.