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Mikael B

From the start, Mikael B sought to depart from traditional ways. As an urban contemporary artist living in Los Angeles, he has developed his own unmistakable style, deeply rooted in his early years as a graffiti artist. Using spray and acrylic, Mikael creates conceptual works of art that transform impressions and experiences into an abstract design language that exudes energy and joy.

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“The first time I saw the new Bentayga, I not only noticed the intricate diamond stitching, and the beautifully crafted panels, but also the way that the contrasts would complement each other. I work with that a lot in my art style - combining the soft, the sharp, the cold, the warm, to make that fine balance. So, when you see that final piece, you feel a certain harmony amongst all of these elements.”

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“Growing up in the eighties and the nineties, I was influenced by graffiti from Danish and European artists including Bates, Swet and CMP One. When I stepped from the graffiti world into the world of contemporary art and fine art, I found a way to incorporate my street art roots, and I’ve been super inspired by artists like Peter Saul, because he was one of the first to combine the commercial and the contemporary art scene. I think it is very important that not only is art surviving and passed on to generations, but also that it is reinvented all the time. And that I'm trying the best as I can to lead by example.”

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“When I create a new artwork, I usually experiment with two styles: abstract expressionism, and cube metric abstraction. It is a lot of preparation, a lot of sketching, deciding on the composition. Then, I take it to the computer and play around with color schemes. And after that, I'll take it to the canvas with layers and layers of spray paint and masking tape, and finally, cutting unique shapes directly on the canvas with a knife.”

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“Art can make people step up. It can make people talk. It can make strangers come together. If you have the right mindset and the right goals for your art, there are no limitations of what you can achieve. And that is definitely my mission.”

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“I believe, as an artist, you're up against some pretty tough odds, because the majority of all artists can hardly make a living. I definitely want to change that mindset. So, I'm always open to mentor and help other artists. One of the most important things, if you want to make it, is to speak to the people who are where you want to be.”

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From now through December 21, “Afterglow” by Mikael B., along with all other Art in Motion original works, will be up for auction at Proceeds from the winning bids will benefit Inner-City Arts, an LA-based arts education program that empowers the next generation of creators.
This is an extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of Bentley history and open doors for the next generation who will put ‘Art in Motion.’

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The new Bentayga is the embodiment of Bentley’s modern design language. From its bold, radically evolved exterior, to its exquisitely crafted cabin, the new Bentayga is designed to inspire extraordinary journeys – on the road, or in this case, on a canvas.

From the start, Mikael B saw his artistic sensibilities reflected in the harmonious design he found inside new Bentayga. While the interior of the luxury SUV offers a high-resolution touchscreen and new digital driver’s information panel, among other technological advancements, these elements are integrated seamlessly into the center of the cockpit to blend seamlessly with the handcrafted veneers, natural leathers and detailed stitching found throughout the cabin. This balance of materials, finishes, and purposes, all articulated through clean, modern simplicity, created common ground for the artist.

“With my art style, there are so many elements present… you don't notice them all at first glance, but, you do experience them; you feel their presence.”  

The exterior paint also spoke to Mikael. “I was very pleased to see that I was working with the Quartzite color, which is what I consider as the perfect grey. It is not too dark, and not too light; it has a metallic hint to it that you don't see at first glance, but you feel it. I was just seduced by the color right away.”

For the content of his piece, Mikael chose to manipulate the diamond shapes created by the quilted stitching found on the seats of the new Bentayga, depicting the shapes in bold colors to correlate with the bold nature of the vehicle itself.

Put Art in Motion and begin your own inspired journey in the new Bentayga

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