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A Sustainable Future

Bentley is creating a future driven by new technologies, materials, fuels and skills, in the pursuit of a progressive, new world: one in which the highest levels of luxury mobility are achieved with sustainable methods.

Our “Beyond100” strategy outlines how we plan to make this future a reality and, in turn, become the leading brand on sustainable luxury mobility. In it, we have committed to a number of goals that promise to revolutionise our offering entirely – and that of our industry. It will see us go from one of the foremost producers of powerful, combustion engines, to an innovator in electric technologies, offering hybrid options across our entire range in the next three years alone. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we have pledged to build upon our existing carbon-neutral status in Crewe by committing to becoming end-to-end climate neutral from 2030, and climate positive after.

As part of World Earth Day, our colleagues in Crewe are supporting Volkswagen Group's #Project1Hour programme. This initiative, which is also being undertaken by many teams and retailers around the world, focuses upon accelerating key parts of our Beyond 100 strategy where colleague behaviour and awareness can help make an even greater difference.

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As Bentley develops new ways to tackle the challenges that lie ahead, there’s no denying that the luxury automotive world is set to change further still and in ways we cannot predict. But in this change, we see an opportunity to prepare for the road ahead while staying true to our brand promise of unrivalled craftsmanship, innovative technology and a phenomenal driving experience.

These are the key steps we will be taking as we move towards an exclusively electric-powered range by 2030:

  • Within the next 12 months, we’ll launch two more hybrid models
  • In 2025, we’ll launch Bentley’s first ever end-to-end carbon-neutral battery-powered electric vehicle
  • A year later, we’ll move to a plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicle-only range
  • From 2030, every new Bentley will be a battery electric vehicle (BEV)
And our path towards becoming a completely climate-positive organisation has been boldly laid out too: this includes going plastic-neutral. Here is our vision in the words of Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Bentley Motors: “Within a decade, Bentley will transform from a 100-year-old luxury car company to a new, sustainable, wholly ethical role model for luxury.”
You can already see this vision being brought to life today. Our latest step on this extraordinary journey is the launch of the progressive new Bentayga Hybrid, which combines signature Bentley performance, power and capabilities with future-facing technologies. The clearest example of these values coming together is in the Hybrid driving mode that it offers. This mode ensures every trip is as sustainable as possible by utilising the Intelligent Navigation system to prioritise use of the E Motor, only drawing on the V6 combustion engine when absolutely necessary. The result is minimal emissions, with no compromise on range.
Meanwhile, the EXP-14 Electric Potential prototype car is the platform on which Bentley is testing the rapidly advancing technologies that will steer our journey to electrification – from putting the developing electric motor through its paces, to testing the latest battery technology and charging solutions. As our prototype Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), it represents the key to our future – one which promises to transform the world of grand touring for good. 
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World Earth Day

As part of World Earth Day, Bentley colleagues are supporting Volkswagen Group’s #Project1Hour programme by participating in digital team activities focused upon how everyone can better understand climate change and identify actions and opportunities to make a difference on a personal and professional level. These acivities are a manifestation of our Beyond 100 strategy.

The Bentley site in Crewe has been certified carbon neutral to PAS 2060 by the Carbon Trust since October 2019 and significant strides have been made to reduce energy use, with a 55.5% drop in kwh per vehicle between 2010 and 2020.

Bentley is making significant strides towards the digitalisation of a 100 year old company, following the recruitment of a new generation of digital experts and home-grown digital apprentices. With progress accelerated by Covid, the team have created a range of digital solutions and alternatives to previously paper heavy processes. Consequently paper use has decreased by 50% since 2019 and printers are being removed. 

The “Power Down” exercise highlights the big impact of everyone making a small difference. The factory is already fitted with PIR lighting and settings to carefully manage essential manufacturing infrastructure, but estimates suggest that encouraging colleagues to power down “surplus” devices such as screens, fans, lights and chargers at the end of every day, could save up to 700kwH per hour.

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As we work towards making a sustainable future a reality, the way in which we do things is changing. Bentley is already engaged in the development, creation and testing of new technologies, using sustainable materials and practices in our journey towards becoming a carbon-free and plastic-neutral organisation.

We have long used ethically-sourced natural materials. The Bentley Bacalar, one of the rarest two-door Bentley grand tourers of the modern era, embraces such an approach in the sustainable Copper Infused Riverwood veneer. But technological improvements in materials production will mean more widespread use of innovative materials like carbon fibre, too.

Meanwhile, the EXP 12 Speed 6e concept demonstrates what can happen when cutting-edge technology meets timeless craft, evidenced in its impressive central tunnel, which is hewn from a single, solid piece of glass. 

Find out more about how innovation in craft and materials promises to shape the Bentleys of tomorrow. 

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At Bentley, our investment in the future is being made today in the form of the OCTOPUS research project. This project’s mission is to make our vision a reality: to introduce a fully electric Bentley by 2026. It will do so by delivering a breakthrough in e-axle electric powertrains and by creating a recyclable system that removes the need for rare-earth materials. 

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On 10 July 2019, 100 years to the day after Bentley Motors was founded, the Bentley EXP 100 GT was unveiled. This radical concept car pioneered some of the ideas that would go on to create the “Beyond100” strategy. It reimagined grand touring with an exhilarating self-driving experience, crafted with a focus on sustainable materials and intelligent technology. Read more here.

Our roadmap to the future was also built upon our first all-electric concept, launched at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2017: the ground-breaking electric Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e.

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Our dedication to employing a diverse range of talent is as strong as ever. As part of our “Beyond100” strategy, we have made a commitment to ensure that our management team reflects that, too – so our goal is to guarantee that at least 30% of our senior team comes from a diverse range of backgrounds.

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