Naim Audio

Naim Audio is the British maker of some of the finest hi-fi systems in the world. Their mission is to bring you a deeper, more immersive sonic experience, taking you inside the music – as though you are with the artist as they perform.

Since 2008, Naim has held an exclusive partnership with Bentley Motors to deliver the world’s most advanced music systems – inside the world’s most prestigious road cars.

Right from the beginning, it was a natural fit for both companies: a relentless quest for the purest sound, alongside a driving experience that is second to none. While the mindset, standards and pedigree were familiar ground to Naim, their team of engineers faced an entirely new kind of playing field - not least, designing for the close confines of a car cabin and an environment more than capable of traveling at speeds up to 200mph.

To bring true Naim sound quality into this unique space Naim and Bentley engineers had to flatly reject traditional approaches, and re-write the rulebook of in-car music playback. The result? New worldwide benchmarks for in-cabin sound technology and incredible depth of music quality that has to be heard, to be believed.