Each new Bentley motor car and each replacement part or assembly manufactured or supplied by it, comes with a warranty.

The Warranty period for a new car is three years, with no mileage limitation and commences on the date of delivery to the first owner.

Warranty territorial provision is based geographically on the regional coverage distribution of our Global Dealer Network. The regions are defined as follows:

• Europe – This includes all the European countries as well as the UK and Russia.
• China – This includes China as well as Hong Kong and Macau
• Americas – This includes North & South America as well as Canada
• Middle East – This includes the Middle East countries and also includes India and South Africa.
• Asia Pacific – This includes the Asia Pacific countries and includes Australasia & New Zealand
• Japan & Korea

To discover more about our Warranty programme applicability in your country, contact your local Bentley Dealer.