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Introducing Bentley Accessories

You’ve chosen your car. Now you have plenty more choices to make. Whatever the model, there’s a wide range of Bentley accessories available – each specifically designed to match a particular Bentley model. Between them, they cover every eventuality – some are there to protect your vehicle, while others enhance its style, comfort or performance. Meticulously designed and engineered by the same teams who create the cars, the accessories are tailored to complement every individual model perfectly, ensuring that everything works seamlessly together. As you’d expect, they are all made from the finest materials and crafted to the very highest standards.

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Choose an upgrade pack

Your Bentley is the ultimate expression of your personal style, and our upgrade packs help you make the car truly your own. The packs fall into three distinct categories. Some transform the look of your car, from enhanced body styling to Bentley Alloy Wheels. Others, such as Drilled Alloy Sports Pedals and tactile steering wheels, alter the feel of your car. And then there are those that enhance an already remarkable driving experience, including Carbon Ceramic Brakes (shown) and Sports Exhausts. Find the accessories you need to upgrade your Bentley here.

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Browse our Accessories Brochures

Each Bentley model has its own range of accessories that help you enjoy your car to the full. Discover the complete selection available for your Bentayga, Continental, Mulsanne or Flying Spur in our digital brochures.