“Hand-built” is not an idle claim. These words represent a world of expertise, experience and pure joy in the creation of our exquisite cars. 

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The Bentley Bentayga Diesel air vent with a veneered wood finish | Bentley Motors

Bentley Veneer Hunters

Choosing a new veneer for Bentley Motors is a rare opportunity. The responsibility for sourcing a luxurious yet environmentally sustainable veneer falls on a small team of renowned experts, known as Veneer Hunters. Discovering exactly the right wood often takes them on a global quest, in the search for the world’s finest woods.

The Story of Liquid Amber

Following an exhaustive search for a new veneer, which led the team’s extensive journey to the Southeastern United States, our veneer hunters found a promising option deep in the Mississippi wetlands. Liquid Amber, sourced from the American red gum tree, stood apart with its rich red-brown hues and deep luster. 

Only if a veneer meets Bentley’s demanding standards for ethical sourcing and sustainability will it progress to the testing phase. Following verification and stringent tests to ensure that the wood met Bentley’s exacting durability and quality control standards, liquid amber has been chosen as an exclusive veneer for Bentley. 

Liquid Amber veneer was first introduced on Bentayga.

Our Craftspeople 
Liquid Amber has been a recent introduction to the Bentley veneer range. Our dedicated team of craftspeople take pride in creating every Bentley with painstakingly hand-crafted veneer interiors, making the cabin one of the most coveted spaces enjoyed by Bentley owners and admired by luxury enthusiasts.

 Thanks to the signature wood surfaces which are curated by our small team of veneer hunters, including Liquid Amber, Madrona and Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus, a Bentley is an automotive heirloom worthy of being passed from one generation to the next.

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Assiduous care over the smallest detail

The interior of each car is trimmed with the finest supple leather, hand-finished wood veneers, gleaming metals and deep-pile carpets. All are finished in our workshops – our attention to detail extends to applying a UV stabilizer to our veneers to prevent bleaching, preserving their natural beauty for decades to come. Every leaf of veneer can be traced to the tree from which it came.


A passion for rigorous precision

At our state-of-the-art factory in Crewe, England, the precision of the present meets the passion of the past. We balance advanced production technology with the skill of our traditional artisans, whose expertise with leather, metal and wood make each Bentley unique. Every car is created, not merely assembled.