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Stone Veneers By Mulliner

The veneers that adorn Bentley motor cars are famous the world over, yet some of our customers demand an even more personal commission. To meet their highest expectations, Mulliner is now preparing the next level of modern British automotive luxury – Stone Veneers. These truly one-of-a-kind panels are a fusion of century-old craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies that didn’t even exist a few years ago. The result is variations in colour, pattern and texture which are almost impossible to imitate. Exactly the kind of material Mulliner looks for to ensure their offering remains as unique as the remarkable cars they deliver.

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Aeons in the making

It takes years to develop the hides, which are used in every Bentley that leaves the factory at Crewe. And centuries to grow the wood used for their immaculate fascias. But, for the stone selected for the new veneers, we’ve had to go much further back – 200 million years, in fact. Clay deposits, crystallised by the weight of unimaginable forces over countless years, obtain a new foliated structure, known as slate or quartzite slate. It is this substance, ethically and sustainably sourced from India in light grey, natural red, black, and copper that forms the raw material for the new stone veneers.

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Weeks in the finishing

The carefully selected panels are delivered to Mulliner, where aesthetic sophistication, precision and innovation are added to the forces of pressure, heat and time which, over millions of years, originally created the stone. Thus, giving this prehistoric material a modern and technological finish. The rock is cut into sheets of less than a millimetre and a special backing is applied. Extraordinary technology developed for this specific feature, further carves areas of the stone to a thickness of less than a hundredth of a millimetre, allowing Mulliner craftsmen to thermo-form the layers multi-directionally, shaping the veneers to perfectly clad every curve and contour of the Bentley chosen to wear them.

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Choose your finish

Mulliner is now offering Flying Spur customers a choice of four beautiful stones (Galaxy, Terra Red, Autumn White and Copper) for those interested in commissioning this unique feature to their Bentley. Stone veneers can be commissioned in a natural finish to leave a pure, wonderfully tactile, stone finish. The occupants can literally touch the authenticity of the ancient material.

By inviting Mulliner to work on the specification and finish of your Bentley, customers are creating more than a customised car – they are creating a deeply personal statement that will grace every day of their lives.