Personalising your Bentley, and your life

By inviting Mulliner to work on your behalf on the specification and finish of your Bentley, you are creating more than a customised car – you are creating a deeply personal statement that will grace every day of your life. And the process of personalising your car can be as pleasing and effortless as driving the finished vehicle itself. Take a moment to peruse a few of our many examples on this page. Bespoke hides for the upholstery, accent-coloured interior details and special Mulliner additions can be specified and chosen at your ease.  

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Bentayga Marquetry - Close Up 1920x670.jpg

A Breathtaking vista

You will find the view from the front seats of the Bentayga quite simply inspirational. And we are not referring to a far-flung, exotic location viewed through the windscreen. We speak, instead, of the extraordinary craftsmanship employed by Mulliner to produce the Mountain Marquetry veneer inlaid into the car’s fascia.

It shows a beautiful representation of the Roque Bentayga, in Gran Canaria, which originally inspired the name of the world’s first genuine luxury SUV. Mulliner have captured its essence – even parked in your driveway it will transport you to a distant horizon.

It is almost impossible to appreciate the levels of complex artistry and hours of manual skill that go into this time-honoured process. The materials are of an exquisite nature – in all, 32 layers of different wood, from six species of tree, are meticulously combined in a variety of illuminating hues.

Mulliner has produced an automotive work of art that you will want to drive off with. And, if you own a Bentayga, you can.

Veneer Close Up 1920x670.jpg

Orange Flame

From a spark of inspiration

The craftspeople at Mulliner find inspiration everywhere - the challenge is translating that inspiration into engineering perfection. This car is a prime example of why enduring that challenge is worth it. Inspired by the vitality and power of a living flame, it was a chance to explore innovative fabrics and colours.

To truly emulate the organic colour palette and mesmerizing movement of a flame, a new material was required. That material was Sparkle Carbon. It is woven from three different fabrics – carbon fibre, copper foil and metal wire – before being cut to size and applied. It is then lacquered and polished until the foil aspect of the weave emerges to showcase its natural reflectivity.

The company created this car for the 2016 Geneva Motorshow – a glowing example of their flare and passion. Its striking Orange Flame over Ghost White colourway is complemented with an Orange Flame bodykit, Orange illuminated treadplates and a unique tri-tone interior.

This look is further elevated with Mulliner embroidery to all four headrests, a steering wheel with an orange “12 o’clock” stripe and sporting black gloss painted wheels. Of course, the really unique part of this car is the Orange Sparkle Carbon fascia panel, console and instrument panel.

Consider it living proof of Mulliner’s commitment to innovation.


Bespoke Hides

With Mulliner, almost any visible feature of your Bentley can be finished in a bespoke colour – even the hand-stitched leather hides used to upholster the cabin interior.

And it doesn’t stop there. The embroidery, the carpets and the exterior paintwork can also be colour-matched to a sample you provide. Whether it’s a favourite suit, a favourite lipstick or the coat of your favourite racehorse, our experts can recreate any shade you specify and reproduce it anywhere in your car.

Your new colour can be combined with any existing hue from the Bentley range or, if you prefer, you can use it throughout, to the exclusion of all others.

To see some inspiring examples of what’s possible with Mulliner Bespoke Hides, watch our short film.

Atomisers 1920x670.jpg

Sterling Silver Atomisers

Every journey in a Bentley, however short, engages all the senses. The most luxurious materials come together in our cars to create a unique atmosphere that is beyond the sum of the parts. Mulliner takes this refinement one step further, helping owners make their Bentleys truly personal. Small touches, like this pair of beautiful hallmarked silver atomisers fitted into doors of your Flying Spur can make all the difference. Our sense of smell is often neglected yet it can influence our mood and olfactory memories have the ability to transport us to another place and time. Crafted in Sterling silver, the atomisers can be used to spray a fine mist of fragrance or water when required, creating a reinvigorating atmosphere. Polished to a beautiful lustre, they are always on hand in a discreet hand-crafted compartment set in the trim of the rear door.


Hide Trimmed Stowage Boxes

Mulliner focuses on turning whatever you can imagine into reality. One area our in-house bespoke department has become expert in is adapting unexpected parts of our cars for individual storage needs. These are just a few recent examples of the luxurious results we can achieve.

One owner set the challenge of integrating a hand-crafted, hide trimmed stowage box in the rear centre console of their Flying Spur. It includes a watch holder and an area for cufflinks, tie clips or earrings. Inspired by Savile Row tailoring, it also features an unexpected burst of colour in Mandarin hide.

This striking carbon fibre watch holder was commissioned for the armrest of a Mulsanne. 

Full Dash 1920x670.jpg

Painted Veneers

Our painted veneer finish, unveiled for the first time on the Flying Spur, is now available through Mulliner on all our models. It offers a cool, contemporary finish that sits beautifully alongside our wide range of interior hide options.

Bentley’s master craftspeople carefully select the veneers, mirror match them and fix them to a substrate. The veneer is then hand sanded to a perfectly smooth finish before it is painted. Once dry, the veneer is polished with lamb’s wool to achieve a mirror-like finish.

Colours available: Moonbeam, Dark Sapphire, Glacier White, Anthracite, Light Gazelle.