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Mulliner Personal Commission Paint

Create something truly extraordinary with the option to commission an exterior colour unlike any other. Colour is a powerful language, which is why it’s so important that your choices should be in tune with your personality. Not only can it evoke emotion, affect your mood or transport you back in time – it also says a lot about the person you are, and how you see the world.

Every Bentley produced is a piece of art; every owner an artist. To create something completely one of a kind, simply contact your Bentley dealer who will work with you and our Mulliner team to bring your vision to life. With a world bursting with inspiration at your fingertips, only your imagination is the limit.



Mulliner Paints

Beyond the standard palette of Bentley paints, Mulliner have carefully curated their own exquisite range. Channel your curiosity and creativity through exceptional paint finishes - available in solid, metallic, satin and pearlescent options or dynamic duo-tones - to enhance the vehicle’s flowing lines and accentuate its presence on the road.

Visit the Bentley Configurator to see how Mulliner colours and finishes can bring your personal Bentley to life.


Commission colour from the world around you

You can also commission your own unique hue to make a bold personal statement with Mulliner Personal Commission Paint. Mulliner can colour match virtually any sample you provide, capturing its essence and reproducing it to perfection.

This is a complex and scientific process, never simply relying on the naked eye alone. Mulliner’s craftsmen and women use innovative colour recognition software to analyse the composition of the sample you provide.

Your inspiration can come from one of your passions: like foreign travel, art, textiles, or jewellery. Perhaps it‘s a sentimental gem or photo, or a design piece that captures who you are – whatever your vision, Mulliner can make it reality with an exquisite finish.  

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Make every aspect personal

The bespoke tailor of the automotive world, Mulliner provides the chance to add a truly personal touch. Not just with exterior paint finishes, but throughout the car – from hides and stitching, right down to the smallest fine-line or accent. To begin your unique journey, contact your Bentley dealer or if you’re looking for inspiration, explore the world of possibilities with Mulliner.