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Bamford x Bentley Mulliner

For over 70 years, Mulliner has created bespoke additions to Bentley cars. The resulting vehicles deliver unrivalled levels of luxury for those who commission them – and crucially, the knowledge that no one has a car quite like theirs.

George Bamford is the man behind Bamford Watch Department (BWD), the UK’s foremost bespoke timepiece personalisation company. He understands the value personalisation has to buyers of luxury brands – and as a driver, he appreciates the freedom Mulliner gives him to create a car like no other.

Bentley and the Bamford family share a long history, just like Bentley and Mulliner. The most recent development in this continuing relationship comes in the form of Bamford’s new Mulliner commission: a Bentley Mulsanne Speed, styled according to his unique vision.

As its name suggests, the Mulsanne Speed is a phenomenally powerful car, reaching 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph – and its craftsmanship is beyond compare. Nothing encapsulates Bentley’s blend of performance and luxury in such exquisite style.

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Revealing a darker side

Bamford Watch Department is renowned for its signature colour scheme – a ‘black-on-black’ style, often complemented by a flash of aqua blue. The unique black finish is achieved on Bamford watches via processes known as Military Grade Titanium Coating (MGTC) and Graphite Particle Coating (GPC).

In creating Bamford’s car, Mulliner’s challenge was to take this visual language and replicate it on his Mulsanne Speed. Beluga exterior paint was selected, for a rich, gloss black body. Exterior details such as the ‘Speed’ wing vents, the badges on the bonnet and the boot and the iconic matrix grille – normally known as ‘Brightware’ due to their polished stainless steel finish – were then darkened using a process known as Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD). The resulting ‘Darkware’ matches the finish of Bamford’s watches, while meeting the standards of toughness and corrosion resistance required of all Bentley exteriors.

Inside, the theme continues: all cabin Brightware, including the bullseye air vents, bezels and controls, has been replaced with darkware. Even the car’s wheels – a bespoke design based on the 21” Mulliner Driving Specification wheels – are black.

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A flash of colour

With the black-on-black style established, all that remained to perfect the BWD look was the flashes of Bamford’s trademark blue accent colour.

Mulliner is famed for its Hidden Delights, a bespoke addition to Bentley interiors that is inspired by the contrasting linings of Savile Row suits. It enables Bentley customers to choose a flash of bright colour to line the cabin’s key stowage spaces. The BWD signature blue has been applied throughout the car, including the front armrest compartment, iPod drawer and glovebox. And Mulliner didn’t stop there. The same colour has been applied to the contrast stitching and piping, for a truly striking appearance.

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It’s about time

Like any Mulliner commission, George Bamford’s Mulsanne Speed is a very special car. Yet, as personal as his car is. Much of Bamford’s time is spent visiting prospective customers. That means that, like many of the cars Mulliner creates, Bamford’s car will be used for business. So, in addition to a bespoke dashboard clock face, there was one more crucial feature – a unique carbon fibre watch holder. This handcrafted feature gives Bamford a safe and stylish way to transport his valuable products – one that, on arrival, can even be removed from the car and used in presentations to his clients.

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Cut from a different cloth

Bentley has long been renowned for both the quality of the leather hides it selects and the standard of craftsmanship evident in the upholstery of every car. But leather is not the only material in which Mulliner can adorn a cabin.

Bentley has not offered cloth seats on any of its production models since the 1930s, when it covered the seats of some of its most notable cars. Since then, only Bentleys built for the British Royal Family have featured fabric.

As a lover of vintage cars, Bamford opted to combine both leather and Anthracite cloth in his Mulsanne Speed, complete with a unique horizontal fluting design.  

"This is personalisation. This is how you do personalisation." - George Bamford.

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