Sinjari_17MY_Front 1920x670.jpg

Mulliner Limited Edition: Mulsanne Sinjari

The imagination of the Mulliner team has soared to new heights with a unique car inspired by the Sinjari falcon. This majestic bird of prey is famed for its strength and agility, and the Mulsanne Sinjari matches its avian namesake with breathtaking power and superb handling. Both bird and automobile exhibit a rare beauty, with the falcon’s distinctive black and gold plumage influencing the car’s black and gold palette. The Sinjari falcon is also renowned for its deep sense of calm, a feeling that the luxurious interior of this limited edition vehicle is sure to engender in all those who experience it.

A Flash of Gold
The ‘Flying B’ is a design icon, instantly recognisable to discerning eyes the world over. And when it came to creating a car inspired by a bird of prey, it was a natural decision to highlight this winged feature. Perched atop the radiator of the Mulsanne Sinjari, the elegant curves of the B and the outstretched wings that emerge from it are particularly resplendent thanks to a 23.9 carat gold plating, designed to offer up a glint of luxury as the car speeds past, just as one might catch a flash of gold in the skies when a Sinjari falcon soars by above.

Soaring Fine Lines
With an exterior inspired by the striking black and gold feathers of the Sinjari falcon, the Mulsanne Sinjari features a crystalline duo-tone Anthracite-over-Onyx finish contrasted with eye-catching gold fine lining. These elegant twin lines are applied entirely by hand, yet their precision is remarkable. They run along the vehicle’s waistline, highlighting the car’s sleek curves and tracing out a path reminiscent of the journey of a raptor in flight, before finally plunging downwards past the front wheels like a falcon swooping on its prey.

Overview of an Opulent Overlay
The spirit of the magnificent Sinjari falcon is also present within the vehicle. This comes courtesy of the unique handcrafted veneer featuring a distinctive, gold transfer overlay image of this elegant aerial predator. These intricate overlays on both the dashboard veneer and the rear picnic tray tables depict a suitably free-flowing and graceful illustration of the noble profile of this magnificent bird. In the world of artisan overlays, Mulliner has no equal anywhere in the automotive world, as a close-up examination of these exquisite pieces will confirm.