Mulliner Limited Edition: Mulsanne Shaheen

When Mulliner chose to launch a limited edition Mulsanne at the 2013 Dubai Motorshow, we looked for deep-rooted inspiration. It came in the form of the Shaheen eagle – a magnificent bird of prey, highly revered in many Middle Eastern cultures. Apart from an obvious affinity with wings, it seemed natural for our vision to be informed by the importance, and sheer presence, of this impressive raptor.

As you read through and absorb this, and our other exquisite limited editions, perhaps it will provide your own inspiration. If so, our craftspeople would be delighted to help your personal dream Bentley become a reality. To begin your customisation journey contact your local Bentley Dealer.


Inspired finish and details

The eagle’s impressive colouration was represented in the design by using Tungsten over Onyx paintwork, coupling Magnolia and Beluga leather with Dark Stained Burr Walnut veneer for the interior. Final touches included a bespoke signature Mulsanne Shaheen logo emblazoned on the rear iPad picnic tables, using a gold overlay. 


The Mulliner Driving Specification

As ever, Mulliner place great importance on the design overview. To this end, the Mulsanne Shaheen comes complete with the Mulliner Driving Specification, blending a range of striking design features including unique 21-inch alloy wheels, Bentley Flying ‘B’ wing vents and diamond-quilted leather trimmed cabin with driver-selectable, sports-tuned suspension and steering. A truly uplifting combination. 

Mulsanne 13MY MDS Studio Imagery Disc 1 Feb 2012

Options without end

Mulliner always strive to maximise the impact of our inspiration within your personal space. To that end, further options include iPad picnic tables, a wi-fi hotspot, a tilt-opening tinted-glass sunroof and a bottle cooler embedded within the back seat.