Limited edition atomiser and interior door storage on a Bentley Mulsanne Majestic | Bentley Motors

Mulliner Limited Edition: Mulsanne Majestic

The Mulsanne Majestic is another exclusive vision created by Mulliner exclusively for customers in the Middle East. Only 15 have been built: five for the United Arab Emirates, five for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and five for the state of Qatar. What they all have in common, however, is their uncompromising approach to luxury.

As you read through and absorb this, and our other exquisite limited editions, perhaps it will provide your own inspiration. If so, our craftspeople would be delighted to help your own dream Bentley become a reality. Contact your local Bentley Dealer to find out more. 



A finish unique to each country

Mulliner were keen to add a sense of distinction for each of the three models by devising three exquisite, but different finishes. In the cars created for Qatar, for example, a stunning Rubino Red and Onyx‎ exterior is adorned with a Rubino Red fine line. Inside, Hotspur seats, seat belts, panels and carpets complement diamond-quilted headlining and deep black privacy curtains.  


Unmistakably Majestic

All 15 cars are marked with their edition numbers, celebrating their limited run. The word ‘Majestic’ is inscribed in the exterior brightwork, on the illuminated treadplates, an also on the iPad tables, wing badges, diamond quilted headlining.

Inspired by royalty, crafted with dedication and driven by automotive connoisseurs; there is no car available anywhere in the world that is quite like the Mulsanne Majestic.


The ultimate tailored interior

Mulliner always seek to extend the essence of our vision as far as possible. A near-endless range of options is therefore available to further personalise this stunning car. For instance, loose cushions can be added, trimmed and piped in the same hide as the seats, while sterling silver atomisers can be fitted in the rear passenger doors. All truly bespoke Mulliner modifications, to answer unique customer requirements.