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Mulliner Limited Edition: Mulsanne Design Series

The new Mulsanne Design Series by Mulliner is a contemporary and inspired take on the already bold and confident Mulsanne aesthetic. Influenced by the world of high-end fashion and contemporary interior design trends, our designers have created this Limited Edition to celebrate these themes through darkly striking exterior design elements interwoven with eye-catching coloured accents throughout the cabin interior. To find out more, contact your local Bentley dealer.

Available across the Mulsanne and Mulsanne Speed models, this Limited Edition enhances the already sleek exterior features. A choice of three arresting accent colours: Kingfisher, Bronze or Silver create flashes of interior brilliance in both expected – and unexpected places.

Whether as a stunning first impression, or observed in exquisite detail, our Mulliner designers have captured the intense new spirit of this Mulsanne, both inside and out.

Flashes of Inspiration

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956_BEN_MullinerLE_Carbon_v4a_Cognac_R 1920x670.jpg
956_BEN_MullinerLE_Carbon_v4a_Damson_R 1920x670.jpg


Three striking accent colours have been selected specifically for their style. Mulliner has developed a lustrous Bronze, which has been inspired, in part, by the current trend for incorporating precious metals in the world of high-end interiors. The second is Silver, which harmonises across all Mulliner interiors. The final accent colour is Kingfisher Blue, which offers rich glints of this striking and unusual hue.

Shape-shifting Carbon Fibre
Our Mulliner Design Team have created a unique iteration of carbon fibre – inspired by high-tech sportswear – with the creation of a new Tessellated Coloured Carbon Fibre. This allows for your choice of accent colour to be built into the weave itself, adding an evocative spark of colour across all four cabin waistrails.

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Elegant embroidered accents

Your chosen accent colour will run elegantly through the interior, appearing in unexpected places to add brilliance and delight – even in normally unseen areas such as the centre console interior and glove compartment. Accent colour hand cross-stitching can be applied throughout the cabin, except for a few carefully chosen areas, including the instrument panel, console, quilted seat surfaces and door panels which are all in contrast stitching. A final flourish for the colour-accented interior comes with elegantly embroidered Mulliner logos on the headrests. Talk to Mulliner, by contacting your local dealer.

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Darker Exterior

956_BEN_MullinerLE_Flying_B_v4a_R 1920x670.jpg

A brooding theme

The darker aesthetic of this stunning Mulsanne Design Series includes gloss black lower brightware, a gloss black Mulsanne vertical vane grille and bumper grille, and detailing on window surround, side vent and rear tailgate strip. The brooding theme continues with dart tint headlamps, the iconic dark tint Flying ‘B’ mascot and 21” 5-Spoke Directional Speed wheels in gloss black with a diamond-turned and machined front face. All of which are set off by the exterior colour of your choice.

The craft of Customisation
This Limited Edition is a stunning example of automotive craft, created to showcase Mulliner’s world-class capabilities, and often beautifully showcased through specific customer requests. For more information about this small number of very special cars, please contact your local dealer. You can also see other Mulliner Limited Edition cars here.

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