Mulliner Limited Editions: Mulsanne Blue Train

At Mulliner, we source inspiration from across the world, and throughout history. The Mulsanne Speed ‘Blue Train’ commemorates an extraordinary feat of motoring, which took place 85 years ago in the golden age of motoring. It is named in honour of the historic ‘Blue Train’ race won by a Bentley Speed Six in 1930.

At the wheel that day was Captain Woolf Barnato, most dashing of all ‘Bentley Boys’. At the Carlton Hotel, in Cannes, he accepted a wager: that he could beat the Calais-Mediterranée or ‘Blue Train’ back to Calais and, better still, he would be at his gentleman’s club in London before the train even reached its destination. He was, by just 4 minutes, and history was made.

Seeing this, or other exquisite limited editions, may provide your own inspiration. If so, our craftspeople would be delighted to help your personal dream Bentley become a reality. Contact your local Bentley Dealer to find out more.




As ever, exclusivity is key to our Mulliner ideology. A Limited Edition, therefore, of just 4 superbly powerful cars – to mark the 4-minute margin of victory – have been created. Evocative historical references have been seamlessly incorporated alongside modern interpretations of the original Speed Six design detail, such as the square mesh front grille. The base of the retractable Flying B has been engraved with the words ‘Blue Train’ and ’85 years’ – the first time Mulliner have ever etched onto the famous icon. 



Just as the race is carved in stone, so the silhouette of the Speed Six has been carved into the fascia veneer, using traditional marquetry techniques. Without the use of paints or dyes, the image of the car has been created in the Burr Walnut veneer, using nothing but sections of the wood in varying shades. the result is nothing short of striking. To complement the intricate woodwork, the treadplates bear the image of the Speed Six, along with the ‘Blue Train 85 years’ plaque. Meticulously embroidered headrests also bear this historic declaration. Door panel fluting and rear-panel inserts have also been immaculately crafted to echo Barnato’s original car.  



The Mulliner team always strive to extend our design presence beyond the car. To this end, the first ‘Blue Train’ Limited Edition delivered will feature a personalised hamper, trimmed with Burnt Oak and Camel hide to perfectly reflect the car’s interior. The hamper contains exclusive Robbe & Berking silver-plated cutlery, Haviland Limoges porcelain crockery LINLEY crystal champagne flutes and a 100% Angora picnic rug. A feast for all the senses.