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Continental GT Speed - Breitling Jet Team Series

The Breitling Jet Team is the world’s largest and most revered professional civilian aerobatic unit. A fleet of seven L-39 Albatros jets, flown wingtip to wingtip by elite pilots at speeds of up to 500 Kts. In tribute to this team of engineers, flight controllers and pilots - a limited-edition of just seven totally unique Continental GT Speeds has been commissioned.

The making of the magnificent seven.

In THE film above, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how these seven quite extraordinary vehicles came into existence. You’ll see how the speed, precision and daring of the Breitling Jet Team is matched by the skill, precision and care of the Mulliner craftspeople.

Inside the Mulliner workshop, the world’s most dedicated artisans hand-stitch and embroider the soft-touch leather hides. The Onyx and Hallmark two-tone exterior paint is skillfully applied by hand, then hand polished. Then applied again and hand polished again, and again, to a meticulously honed, flawless finish.

Through 3D visualisation, and meticulous crafting, you’ll see how a simple, elegant concept came to completion. How customisation was taken to new heights. How the idea truly took flight.


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Flying colours

Mulliner created the cars’ two-tone exteriors of Onyx and Hallmark to reflect the striking livery of the jets. This calm, confident design forms an elegant background for the dynamic accents in Breitling’s signature yellow.

Our designers have used it to encircle the whole car, running along the side extension blades, front splitter and rear diffuser. A discreet Breitling logo, in front of the rear wheel confirms the colour’s origin.

The sculpted seats feature yellow stitching and sections of hide. This vibrant colouring, precisely colour-matched to the Breitling yellow, also wraps the gearstick, and highlights the bespoke Breitling clock at centre stage in the carbon-fibre-clad console.

Front cabin interior view of a Bentley Breitling Jet Series Continental GT Speed | Bentley Motors

A unique insignia worn with pride

Each Continental GT Speed is twinned with an individual jet from the team and bears its number on the dashboard’s fascia panel via an evocative image of the seven planes in their renowned Avenger formation, with each car’s corresponding jet highlighted in its own position in the Breitling yellow. This personal identification, is also echoed on the treadplate. Breitling yellow extends throughout the cockpit to the Breitling Jet Team badge stitched into the headrests, where once more, the corresponding jet number is highlighted to affirm that this car is truly one of a kind..

Bentley Breitling

An unforgettable handover

Each owner received their car at the Boeing Seafair Air Show in Seattle. There, the Breitling Jet Team performed on its first ever tour of the US and Canada. The Mulliner division exquisitely reimagined each of the seven Continental GT Speeds to beautifully mirror the distinctive look of the Breitling jets themselves, fusing extreme customisation with immense speed.

The keys were handed over by the corresponding plane’s ace pilot from the matching jet, who then invited them to take to the skies in the plane bearing their own number, for a once-in-a-lifetime aerobatic flight.

Geoff Dowding, Director of Mulliner, said: “The Continental GT Speed Breitling Jet Team Series demonstrates the level of customisation Mulliner can achieve for customers. Creating this very special edition has been an exciting experience for the entire team, taking inspiration from the Breitling Jet Team’s grand tour.”