Mulliner Limited Edition: Flying Spur Serenity

Mulliner always works tirelessly and artfully to take a model’s most luxurious aspects and drive them elegantly to the fore. Welcome to the Flying Spur Serenity, whose uncompromising combination of limitless power and serene comfort has been enhanced even further by introducing a host of unique additions.

As you read through and absorb this, and our other exquisite limited editions, perhaps it will provide your own inspiration. If so, our craftspeople would be delighted to help your own dream Bentley become a reality. Take the first step by contacting your local Bentley dealer

Bentley Serenity Rear Interior

Re-designed seats. Re-engineered Luxury.

For even greater comfort, Mulliner decided to completely re-engineer the Serenity’s seats and headrests. This was part of a broader redesign which incorporated a unique diamond quilting pattern, which resonates throughout the cabin, to create a truly bespoke feel.  


W12 Serenity Edition

Our artisans always look to make a discreet, but profound mark on any of our visions. Hence, the tread plates proudly display the words, ‘W12 SERENITY EDITION’, as do the badges on the veneered stowage cases and the embroidered rear seat cushions.  


The rarest levels of comfort

Mulliner has always placed vital importance on passenger comfort. It is considered at every stage of the design process, right down to the veneered tissue dispenser installed in the rear seat centre console. Three duotone exterior colour combinations are available: Pale Sapphire over Black Sapphire, Pale Velvet over Damson and Moonbeam over Tungsten. Only five of each have been built, meaning just 15 examples of the Flying Spur Serenity exist, with availability limited to customers of Russian Bentley dealerships.